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Checksum error 290010004

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Checksum error 290010004

December 16, 2019 11:06

Hello colleagues

We are having an intermittent error, please help us

Error 29001004
Checksum mismatch of view 1072, segment : na expected: 81d86 got: 81e06
And error 29009001
The scanfile does not enough views to make requested images

System scans normally and suddenly images are having a failure of reconstruction (or acquisition error??)
All test of datapath are ok
All reconstruction test are ok
Dip diagnostics ok

We deactivate IG, error continues
We change antenna, receiver, transmitter, darc, reload software, clean slip ring several times, antenna alignment several times, clean fiber optics and connectors, etc

We use the same Dip 4slice pci board of the customer and install it on our new darc

Thank you in advance

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