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Duodiagnost error/warning?

Tags: Radiology - R/F, PHILIPS


Adrian Mihaita

Duodiagnost error/warning?

January 13, 2021 09:55

At startup, on the console, the following message is shown: "Image intensifier or camera not ready.". After a few attempts of a startup, the message disappears and the unit is fully functional.
Did anyone encounter this problem?. Obviously, fault location is known, but a more specific area to search...
Do you have any idea?.

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Gonzalo Ramos

re: Duodiagnost error/warning?

January 15, 2021 10:46

Something similar happened to me, and the problem was with the foot switch. This has a mechanical system that acts on a set of switches. If for any reason these are activated, the equipment does not turn on correctly and does not allow you to use it.
Try unplugging the foot switch, to see if the error goes away. Or press and hold it during power-up, to see if the error reproduces.

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