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> Engineers vs CT / NMR Ratio

Engineers vs CT / NMR Ratio


Jose Morillo

Engineers vs CT / NMR Ratio

November 13, 2017 09:09

My dear friends
At your experience, how much equipments of CT and NMR do you consider can be attended by a single FSE? Equipments are medium age GE ct and nmr

Best regards


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re: Engineers vs CT / NMR Ratio

November 14, 2017 09:20

it can vary a lot, depending on---- what coverage are your contracts? Do they permit after hours repairs? What is the travel situation? How prompt and accurate are your parts suppliers? Do you have 'hero kits' if needed? How skilled are the engineers? How willing are they to work late and on weekends? What is the reliability of the equipment and the air conditioning/water chiller/electrical power? How busy and how skilled are your customers? Do you have all the service tools or are you improvising? Do you have a technical support staff to point the FSE's the right way?

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Iosif Sogolov

re: re: Engineers vs CT / NMR Ratio

November 15, 2017 08:52

Hello, could you please tell a bit more about improvisation?

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bens prado

re: re: re: Engineers vs CT / NMR Ratio

November 28, 2017 09:22

Good day. Regarding improvise methods of servicing it refers to alternative methods using improvise tools or technique that produce the same result with the standard methods mentioned in service manual.
There are a lot of service procedures that can be revised or improved that sometimes it becomes more effective and convenience for the serviceman compared to what the service manual instructed.
Tools can be improved,revised or modified to suit your needs in case there are no available tools as mentioned in the service manual. Improvise could also include servicing up to component level raher than modular replacement.

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