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Fuji FCR Prima

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Borislav Kecman

Fuji FCR Prima

November 12, 2020 10:15

I have a problem with a Fuji FCR Prima reader. After deleting the image from IP, there is still visible artefact left. I presume that erasing lamps are worn out, but I need help with service manual if it is possible or any other suggestion.

Thanks in advance,

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juan pablo amado

re: Fuji FCR Prima

November 17, 2020 11:53

The Imaging Plates used in Computed Radiography are sensitive to all types of radiation, and
when used infrequently can store enough naturally occurring radiation to adversely effect an
image. It is recommended that an Erasure, using the Secondary Erasure Mode, or an IP change,
using the Change IP function, be completed on any plate that has not been used in any given 48
hour period. Erasure or Change should also be performed on any imaging plate discovered in
an area where it may have been exposed to scatter radiation.

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