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GE Lunar DPX Bravo Missing the L4 info in the results summary

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Jesus E Mendez

GE Lunar DPX Bravo Missing the L4 info in the results summary

April 26, 2021 10:49

My customer ask me for the L4 information because is missing or was included with a wrong measurement value(for example: When shows the info in the Summary result, when mentioned the L4 reference shows the same value that L1-L3, does not recognize the L4 real value) This issue could be caused by something wrong with the software or could be changed with the system tools? I have the operator manual but I cant find the reference about this issue. I will appreciate the help. Thank you

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re: GE Lunar DPX Bravo Missing the L4 info in the results summary

May 03, 2021 12:52

Jesus everything is in the manual. Lets specify the problem.
1. Is the L4 scanned or not?
In order to ensure something like that you have to see the iliac crest or the illium on the left and right bottom corners.
Also you have to see on left and right upper corners the relative chest sides.
If not scanning is incorrect and you have to do it againg.
2. If the canned area is correct but lubars are not clearly separated then LUNAR suggested a lubar radiography.
3. If thikness of patient is high you may need a different scan mode, speed etc.
4. If everything is there but encore cannot tell the difference then you can do it manually. You can change, shade, crayscale, thershold.
You can paint the are of interest ROI in order to exclude or include and finally calculate the area you need.
5. From Label tag you can change labels of lubars.
6. from the add tag you can add a line in order to add a lubar or delete a line in order to exclude a lumbar.
7. If you cannot do neither your doctor can do it then send me TV ID pass, arrange an appointment and I will do it for you free of charge.

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