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GE Prodigy Reset Error

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GE Prodigy Reset Error

September 09, 2019 09:52

I have a Prodigy that passes QA but fails with Reset Error running a scan or running Automated Test in the service menu. Any input would be appreciated

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re: GE Prodigy Reset Error

September 10, 2019 11:57

Dose the error logs give any additional indication as to what failed to reset? If it's happening around the same area of the scanner bed it may be a broken wire in the cable harness. You should be able to see what test it is failing during automated test. If the detector is failing it may be the upper harness, poor connections at the detector control board, or poor connections at the bulk head on the lower part of the arm. The connectors at the rear lower part of the arm if not tie wrapped properly will have connection problems due to pulling of the cables during arm movements. There are many causes for a failed reset, more info from error logs or auto test would be needed to better determine where the problem may be. E-mail me more info and I will try to help you.
Allen Godfrey

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alex oshana

re: re: GE Prodigy Reset Error

September 16, 2019 09:42

Do a limit to limit scan with out correction, if it does not scan than it could be omd sensor, also turn the unit off, push the scanner arm slowly and see it it's binding, also take the table off , check the rails to see if they are sticky, if so clean and use silicon lube.

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