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I need AGFA NX Software 8700


Arman Mazov

I need AGFA NX Software 8700

January 06, 2021 09:47

Please help. I need a distribution of the program AGFA NX 8700 Product Name: NX
Product Model/Version : 2.0
Product Type : 8700
Product Build : 9.0.1802
Thank you in advance

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Ronald Swapp

re: I need AGFA NX Software 8700

January 07, 2021 09:52

You can't just install NX8700 without going to AGFA Global Support for an updated alf file. If you are upgrading say from NX8600 to 8700 you most definitely will fail. The NX program will run into grace mode until you generate a fingerprint file, gather a mac address and dongle id and contact AGFA Support so they can generate the appropriate file for you.

Next, why do you need NX8700?
Are you presently running NX8700 and are experiencing problems or are you attempting to upgrade?
If you already have NX8700 and think you are having problems the best solution is to move all .alf files to a custom created License Folder. Then restore NX prior to activation, then via license manager add the appropriate .alf file to get the system up and running. Keep in mind doing so will wipe out the patient database and image files.

If you are doing the latter, NX8600 to NX8700 only because you think you need to update you better think serious about doing so. Because once you start, there is no going back and you'll basically brick the system until you get the appropriate .alf file.
And only AGFA Global support can generate the appropriate file for you.

Also, the NX8700 data set is over 4GB and is on 2-DVD's.

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