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Lorad M-IV Platinum- Error 35




Lorad M-IV Platinum- Error 35

April 06, 2021 10:36

Good morning, dear forum.
I am looking for help.
I have been facing up some problems with a mammography system Lorad M-IV Platinum,
When trying to make a x-ray exposure with large filament, low kvp (from 20 to 22) and low mAs (from 12 to 28), error 35 always appears, but one or two days after, equipment just randomly fails. Filament cal done, Standby current cal done ( voltage across R74 is 0.250 Vdc), Tube Current (mA) done, Tube Voltage Potential (kV) checked. Everything has been done according to service manual procedures.
Waveforms on oscilloscope show a mA amplitude out of range from the begining of the exposure (3.52 volts). Even it is too high for 30 kvp, but in our case kvp range selected is no more than 22 kvp.
Kvp waveforms are into specifications. Low voltaje supplies are fine.
What could be the cause? Any help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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