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PHILIPS iE33 CW Doppler Noise (Only on the left side of the FOV)

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Marcelo Antonio Correa

PHILIPS iE33 CW Doppler Noise (Only on the left side of the FOV)

September 16, 2020 09:36

Dear Dotmed Team, hi!

Today, I faced two PHILIPS iE33, both with the same failure: imense CW noise only on the left portion of FOV. I also had FEC and AIM boards for replacement, but got the same results. I suspected there might be the result some of those 4 CB boards defective, so I tried a swaped combination of them, to check if somehow the failure would change, unsuccesfully. I only was able to deviate the failure, by changing L/R orientation, so the noise was shown when the CW cursor was on the right side of the FOV. Tried two other adult and child sector probes too, same results. HW tests showed nothing, no errors.

Does anybody, please, have a clue what could be the defective board, or other part?

Thanks, very much indeed, in advance.

Take care you all, stay safe, God Bless.

Kind regards,


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