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> MIDMARK Ritter M11 Ultraclave

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MIDMARK Ritter M11 Ultraclave Sterilizer



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The Ritter M11 Ultraclave Automatic Autoclave / Sterilizer has an intuitive display and simple prompts help that you easily select the cycle you need... whether it is for unwrapped items, pouches, packs or handpieces. You load it... set it... and forget it. Select your cycle and the time is set for you. Press "Start" and the Ritter M11 fills with the correct amount of water. It's real convenience! Once the sterilization process is complete, the door conveniently opens automatically and quietly to dissipate the steam and provide fast and efficient drying time of your instruments.

With the emergence of many aggressive, infectious organisms, there is an ever-increasing need for efficient, effective instrument processing in your practice. The M11 is the largest member of the Ritter family of autoclaves. Its unique 11" x 18" chamber gives it the distinction of having the largest sterilizing capacity of any standard countertop sterilizer on the market, making it perfect for larger packs and instruments.

Pulse-air Removal Technology
Convenience at a Glance
No More Wet Instruments
Safety Features
Ease of Draining & Filling
Optional Printer Accessory
Self Program Controls
Pre-Programed Controls

Overall length w/plug: 22.8"
Overall width: 18"
Overall height: 17.5"
Minimum Countertop area: 18" x 16" (45.2 x 53.3 cm)
Chamber: 11" diameter x 18" depth
Two large Trays - 9" W x 15" L x 1.1" D
Two small Trays - 6.6" W x 15" L x 1.1" D
Unit Weight: 96 lbs (43.5 kg)
Water reservoir capacity: 1.25 gal. (4.7 liters)
Electrical 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 12 amps 120 VAC has 1425 watt tubular immersion heater
Unwrapped - 18 min. Hot, 28 min. Cold, 3 min. Sterilization Time
Pouches - 22 min. Hot, 32 min. Cold, 5 min. Sterilization Time
Packs - 44 min. Hot, 56 min. Cold, 30 min. Sterilization Time
UL and CUL Listed
CSA Certified
Open Door Dry Cycle




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