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Reliable and longevity

Tremetrics makes one of the most reliable,and longest lasting, Audiometers in the hearing testing industry. For example, the RA 400, even though its not made anymore, is still boug... MORE

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AMBCO 1000 + Otoscreen Audiometer

The industry's newest and only pure tone audiometer with sequential screening. Optional printer available. User friendly, ideally suited for all practices, tests hearing manually or automatic with hard copy. Features and Benefits Unique instrument advances pure tone air conduction threshold a...


AMBCO 2500 Automatic Storage Audiometer

Ambco microprocessor controlled pure tone audiometer. Ideally suited for industrial, occupational health, physicians and clinics that need to meet O.S.H.A. hearing test requirements. Features and Benefits Automatic, semiautomatic, manual tests. Print and store test automatically. Internal mem...