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The Mindray M7 is an outstanding system A++

Beautiful machine with outstanding capabilities including 4d imaging. Great for mobile businesses as well as businesses who cover a wide range of services. Best system for quality ... MORE

The DP50 is an A+ system and great price!

The Mindray DP-50 is an easy to use, sophisticated system for private practice or clinical use. The Mindray DP50 Portable Black and White Ultrasound System features a 15” High reso... MORE

The GE Vivid S6 is a good system for the price

The GE Vivid S6 is a high performance Ultrasound system for Cardiovascular and Shared Services applications. It offers an innovative ergonomic design, superb Image Quality, state-o... MORE


This the best economy gel warmer with the greatest ease of use.... MORE

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ACUSON C256 Cardiac Ultrasound

Acuson Sequoia c256 Cardiac Ultrasound...


ALOKA ProSound Alpha 10 Cardiac Ultrasound

Ultimate Compound Technology The ProSound Alpha10 is equipped with the latest technologies including Compound Pulse Wave Generation, which opens up new possibilities for diagnostic ultrasound thanks to its superb performance. The ProSound Alpha10 contributes to a broad spectrum of advanced medicin...

  • Color Doppler: Yes

ALOKA ProSound Alpha 5 Cardiac Ultrasound

The new ProSound Alpha 5 is Aloka's latest advance in digital diagnostic ultrasound for the operating room. Aloka's ProSound technology transmits and receives noise-free signals providing diagnostic information in a pure sound field. Aloka's advanced microcircuit technology provides for large-sca...

  • Color Doppler: Yes

ATL HDI 5000 Cardiac Ultrasound

About the HDI 5000: New Ergonomics A fully articulating monitor, with an integrated handle, facilitates optimum positioning during exams. Head and eye movements are minimized, and neck and shoulder stress is reduced. Integrated foot and palm rests promote good posture, lessening fatigue and further...

  • Frame Rate, fps: Greater than 500 frames/sec (dependent on field-of-view, depth and angle)