The scene at AAMI

My report, AAMI and SNMMI

June 14, 2017
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
In the past week, I have attended two tradeshows, AAMI in Austin, Texas and SNMMI in Denver.

Both shows were great in their own way.

I think AAMI had to be one of the busiest shows I have ever seen for that organization. Lots of people, everyone high spirited, great turnout, and a lot of positive energy.

DOTmed hosted a customer appreciation night, and we also invited a number of hospital employees. All together, we had just over 300 people and I think everyone had a great time.

One person told me, even though it was a large group, that it was an intimate meeting because you could walk around from table to table and visit. It was not the usual loud music, where you couldn't hear yourself think.

As for SNMMI, there was some very interesting new technology introduced at the show. I sat in on one discussion about theranostics, and I saw a number of new products that are coming to the molecular imagining market.

If you have a minute, read our story on theranostics, (a term meaning to combine therapeutics and diagnostics). I am sure you will find it interesting.