Scott Gottlieb resigns -- what does that mean for healthcare?

March 06, 2019
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Scott Gottlieb resigns as Commissioner of the FDA. I don't believe it's good for healthcare business.

Gottlieb was against teenage vaping. He wanted to lower the nicotine level in cigarettes and ban menthol in cigarettes. If he leaves, there is some question whether his initiatives will continue.

Whether you smoke or not, I think there is little doubt that smoking results in increased healthcare costs, which is bad for everyone.

Gottlieb ran the FDA more like a business. During his time, there were lots of generic drugs approved as well as new medical devices.

Dr. Gottlieb came from a business background and everyone expected him to be pro-business. But he is after all, a physician and his desire to protect us was visible. Even though he was pro-business, he was also pro health.

There are a number of initiatives in process. It will be interesting to see what happens to them.

Dr. Gottlieb left because the commute between Washington and Westport, CT. It is interesting to note that in Japan or China, this trip would take less than an hour and a half by train. It is possible that if we had invested money in infrastructure, not only would we have fewer potholes when I take my wife to visit her mother, but Dr. Gottlieb would not have resigned.

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