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What is DOTmed Certified?

DOTmed has established a Certification process to help protect our users. DOTmed Certified users have signed a Code of Ethics, provided references, agreed to Binding Arbitration and our Dispute Resolution process.

When you deal with a DOTmed Certified user, you know that you are dealing with a person who has agreed in advance to settle any disputes through arbitration. Reasonable people can sometimes have a difference of opinion. Arbitration is a faster and less expensive alternative to litigation or collections. Because DOTmed Certified firms have agreed in advance to arbitrate their differences, you know that you are going to resolve issues quickly (most are resolved in 45 days) and at a fraction of the cost of litigation. Arbitration is frequently conducted over the telephone and sometimes without the need for an attorney.

DOTmed has established this initiative solely to protect our users as they conduct business on our site. It also gives all of us chance to lead by example and show our commitment to ethics and professionalism in our industry.
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When you work with a DOTmed Certified company or individual, you do so with confidence.

Benefits of doing business with a DOTmed Certified firm
  • Finally you have recourse in your used equipment transactions.
  • DOTmed Certified firms have signed a Code of Ethics.
  • DOTmed Certified firms agree to Binding Arbitration in the event of a dispute.
  • DOTmed Certified firms have provided three references.
  • Offenders will be Blacklisted.
Benefits of being DOTmed Certified
  • You will be included in the list of DOTmed Certified firms.
  • You will be eligible for referrals from DOTmed.
  • Your DOTmed listings will receive special placement.
  • Your DOTmed listings will contain the DOTmed Certified logo.
  • Your Virtual Trade Show Booth listing will receive special placement.
  • Your Virtual Trade Show Booth listing will contain the DOTmed Certified logo.

What is the DOTmed Rating System?

Independent of DOTmed Certified, DOTmed users rate other users that they have done business with. Anyone can view these ratings. Ratings are not anonymous and certain rules apply.

You may only rate a user that you have done business with. If you rate another DOTmed user and that DOTmed user challenges your rating, your rating will be temporarily removed and you will be invited to prove that you have actually done business with this user. As long as you can establish that you have done business with this user your rating will be reinstated (employer-employee relationships are exempt).

You can only rate a user one time but you are free to change the rating you submitted. To change a rating simply rate the user again and the new rating will take effect.

To rate a user, search for them in the Virtual Trade Show and click on the "5 Stars".

Even if you stop using DOTmed your ratings will remain.

DOTmed users will be able to see that you rated them.

What is the DOTmed Blacklist?

In the event a registered user of DOTmed violates the Legal Notice, the General Code of Ethics, the DOTmed Certified Code of Ethics, exhibits a questionable pattern of unethical or disreputable business conduct, and/or, as a DOTmed Certified user, fails to participate in binding arbitration or fails to adhere to the decision of the arbitrator, DOTmed may have its DOTmed registration and/or its DOTmed Certified status suspended or cancelled, and its name may be placed on the DOTmed Blacklist and otherwise not welcome on DOTmed. See Legal Notice Section 11.2

Who is the American Arbitration Association?

American Arbitration Association (AAA), is a global not-for-profit, public service organization committed to the resolution of disputes through the use of arbitration and mediation. The AAA provides services to parties related to the arbitration of commercial or business to business disputes. Arbitration is often conducted over the phone at a fraction of the cost of litigation. The AAA Expedited Procedures helps DOTmed Users to resolve the issue quickly; often in weeks, rather than months.

For more information visit the AAA at www.adr.org.

How do I become DOTmed Certified?

DOTmed.Com, Inc. offers DOTmed certification at no charge as a public service to protect users on our site. It is easy to become DOTmed Certified.

Download the DOTmed Certified Agreement, the DOTmed Certified Code of Ethics, the DOTmed Dispute Resolution Procedure, and provide three business references.

Once certified, your DOTmed Listings and Virtual Trade Show Booth will display the DOTmed Certified logo, and you are also free to display it in your promotional material provided that your DOTmed Certification status has not been suspended.

To read, view and print the instructions for DOTmed Certification as well as the Code of Ethics, Dispute Resolution Procedure, and Sample Reference Letters, click Apply Now below and follow the instructions.
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