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DOTmed has established a free Certification process to help protect our users. DOTmed Certified users have signed a Code of Ethics, provided references and agreed to Binding Arbitration in the event of a dispute. More...

Being DOTmed Certified makes a statement about your commitment to ethics and professionalism, and it sets a good example for others in the industry.

What is the DOTmed Rating System?

Independent of DOTmed Certified, DOTmed users rate other users that they have done business with. Anyone can view these ratings. Ratings are not anonymous and certain rules apply.

The DOTmed 100 is the top 100 rated users on DOTmed for the previous year as voted by you. DOTmed writes news stories about the Top 100 companies and features them prominently in our Services Directory and in our Listings.

Those who violate basic ethical practices, refuse to arbitrate disputes or fail to abide to the decision of the arbitrator will be Blacklisted (independent of DOTmed Certified).

Who is the American Arbitration Association?

An impartial third party available to arbitrate by phone quickly and at low cost.

What is the DOTmed Honest & Dishonest Dealings Forum?

A user contributed forum to let the world know about good or bad deals and people they consider to be honest or dishonest in our industry.

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  • To find a user, enter their name and company.
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  • If they have violated our Code of Ethics, they will be Blacklisted
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Recently Certified

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Recently Blacklisted

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