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Adepto Medical - Friendly, Full-Service IV Pump Sales, Rental, and Repair

Adepto Medical is an infusion pump rental, sales, and service company. Our focus is to deliver to our customers the best product and customer service support we can offer. Call (913) 261-9933 DOTmed Certified


The #1 choice for your Spacelabs module needs!! We buy, sell, rent and repair Spacelabs modules. 90496, 91496, 90470, 90449, 90469, 91517 and many more!! Call INTEGRITY today! 1-877-789-9903

Your Solution to Long and Short Term Needs.
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Equipment Available For Rent:

  • + Anesthesia Machine (2)
  • + Anesthesia Monitor (5)
  • + BP Monitor (2)
  • + Beds - Misc. (1)
  • + Bedside Monitor (4)
  • + Bone Densitometer (11)
  • + C-Arm (55)
  • + C-Arm Table (7)
  • + CT Mobile (21)
  • + CT Scanner (5)
  • + Cardiac - Vascular (5)
  • + Cath Angio Lab (3)
  • + Cath Lab (1)
  • + Cellulite Reduction (1)
  • + Defibrillator (4)
  • + Digitizer (8)
  • + ECG unit (1)
  • + EKG (2)
  • + Exam Chair (1)
  • + Feeding Pump (4)
  • + Fetal Monitor (4)
  • + ICU/CCU (4)
  • + Laser - IPL (2)
  • + MRI Coil (173)
    Med One offers rental options for Vital Signs Monitors, Patient Monitors, and Bedside Monitors to be used in General Care, ICU, and NICU settings across the hospital. All monitors are cleaned, serviced and shipped patient-ready.
    The #1 choice for your Spacelabs display monitors!! We buy, sell, rent and repair Spacelabs display monitors from 15” to 19”! NEW ELO monitors available to purchase from an ELO VAR! Call INTEGRITY today! 1-877-789-9903
    OCTs range from basic timed domain to current HD spectral domain & are located at our headquarters in Tampa, Florida, USA; Full staff of engineers & technicians who refurbish OCTs to manufacturer’s specifications. Call 1-877-924-2020.
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