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There is no bigger event for the radiology community than the annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting. Every year, the industry comes together to reconnect with old colleagues and discover the latest innovations changing what's possible in medical imaging.

The one thing in short supply at RSNA is time. So, to help you maximize your experience, we have created our own list of Featured Exhibitors. With this list, (see below) you can spend more time engaging with the people and solutions that matter most to the industry, and less time trying to figure out where to go next.

Hot Topics

Artificial Intelligence continues to retain its grasp on the imagination of radiology innovators. As these capabilities come into focus, new challenges emerge. How will radiologists be impacted by machine learning and AI? How do we ensure these innovations are adequately trained for real patient populations? What does all of this mean for reimbursement?

Meanwhile, as hospitals continue to struggle with razor thin margins, value priced MR and CT solutions continue to gain ground as well as digital radiography (DR) and smarter panels. Expect to see more researchers and manufacturers discussing photon counting CT, dark field X-ray, and other cutting edge imaging capabilities, as well.

There is going to be so much to unpack at the show, so be sure to bookmark our Daily News to stay on top of the biggest announcements as they happen.

RSNA Products You Don't Want To Miss

There will be no shortage of technology featured at this event. Click Here for a sneak preview of some of the products you don't want to miss.

Presenters and Educational Sessions

Whether you'll be live on site at McCormick, or participating remotely, RSNA has a user-friendly searchable database to help you figure out what events and presentations you want to attend. Click here to navigate the entire show schedule, customize your own agenda, and create your game plan.

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DOTmed's featured RSNA Exhibitors

Browse our exhibitors below and plan out exactly who you'd like to visit at the show! — Grouped by their hall locations for easier planning and listed numerically by their booth numbers:


South Hall A:
ROS (Radiology Oncology Systems) - South Hall A, #1508
ROS (Radiology Oncology Systems) is a global provider of pre-owned radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging equipment, including linear accelerators, CT Scanners, PET/CT & MRI systems. In addition to refurbished equipment, ROS also provides site inspections, rigging,
installations, parts support, training, equipment warranty and extended service contracts.
Nationwide Imaging Services, Inc. an MXR Imaging Company - South Hall A, #2305
Nationwide's mission is to provide cost-effective, high quality reconditioned and used diagnostic imaging equipment to hospitals, imaging centers and independent medical practices. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction through all aspects of the product life cycle by providing a variety of value added services designed to optimize resource utilization and streamline imaging operations. By adhering to strict business practices, we have earned an unmatched reputation for integrity and honesty and have developed one of the largest networks of dealers and certified technical staff engineers in the industry.
OpenRad - South Hall A, #2960
OpenRad to Showcase Its Next-Generation Imaging Platform.
OpenRad’s next-gen imaging platform is a cloud-native solution for distributed imaging workflow. Besides enabling the creation and distribution of Imaging Medical Records (IMR) across multiple sites, legal entities and system boundaries, it offers its users: a cloud-collaborative environment; an intelligent orchestration engine for a fully digital end-to-end teleradiology workflow; AI/Neural network-enabled image processing; 360° viewing & structured reporting; and a ubiquitous data lake.

The feature-rich imaging platform facilitates the presentation of imaging data and metadata in a normalised and optimised format for primary and secondary reporting, inference and learning—for any algorithm.
Ziehm Imaging - South Hall A, #3100
Founded in 1972, Ziehm Imaging stands for the development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing of premium mobile intraoperative imaging solutions.

With more than 850 employees around the globe, the company is the acknowledged innovation leader for mobile C-arms and the market leader in Germany and many other European countries.

Ziehm Imaging covers the broadest spectrum of clinical applications and services with a wide range of systems - from Orthoscan mini C-arms to high-end full-size Ziehm C-arms.

The Nuremberg-based corporation has received several awards for its cutting-edge and patient- centered achievements, including various Frost & Sullivan and iF Design awards.
Orthoscan - South Hall A, #3100
Founded in 2002, Orthoscan had one simple idea: develop state of the art innovative solutions for orthopedic imaging.

From our first mini C-arm, the Orthoscan Ultra Compact to the clinically focused Mobile DI and the most advanced mini C-arm on the market, the Orthoscan TAU family, we have continued the commitment to innovative solutions by providing industry-leading products designed specifically for surgical and clinical environments.

Extensive development combined with our customers’ feedback leads us to push advancements in dose reduction, mechanical design, and image quality.

Our passionate pursuit of craftsmanship paired with exceptional performance is why Orthoscan is the global leader in mini C-arm imaging.
Dunlee - South Hall A, #3111
Imaging system manufacturers and service organizations turn to Dunlee when they want technology and solutions that support their business success. Dunlee's roots go back 100 years to one of the first X-ray tube factories in the world, and its growth has made it a trusted partner of those around the world who are looking for innovative components paired with outstanding support.

Dunlee offers imaging system manufacturers a comprehensive portfolio of reliable X-ray tubes, high voltage generators, detectors and product bundles for CT, as well as solutions for X-ray, radiation oncology, and MRI. Our MRI coils are available from major manufacturers worldwide, as well as directly via sales.dunlee@philips.com in the USA. In addition, Dunlee manufactures 3D-printed tungsten products.
MAVIG - South Hall A, #3123
X-Ray Protection and Medical Suspension Systems - Founded in 1921, 100% family-owned and owner-managed, Made In Germany.

Personal Radiation Protection Equipment – Healthcare Providers and Patients: From glasses, goggles and visors, thyroid protection to an extensive choice of protective clothing and patient protection.

On-site X-Ray Protection: Mobile shields, ceiling-mounted shields and lower body radiation protection mounted onto imaging tables.

Ceiling Suspension Systems for Medical Equipment: Two different systems to choose from that allow for easy positioning of MAVIG medical equipment such as radiation protection screens, lights or monitors.

New MRI Compatible Ceiling Suspension System: Suitable for MRI Injectors, MRI Injector Holders, MRI Monitors.

Lamps: Ceiling-mounted lamps of the highest quality.
Del Medical - South Hall A, #3305
Del Medical features high-quality, American-made radiographic systems, components, and accessories, designed to support hospitals, imaging centers, and other healthcare clinics, tailored to accommodate each facility’s specific requirements and budget. With over 90-years experience, Del Medical has grown to be the largest privately-held American manufacturer of radiographic systems, sold globally through factory-trained and authorized dealers.

Please visit us at RSNA to see our portfolio of Overhead and Floor-Mount systems, Mobile, Straight Arm, R&F, DR, and PACS products. This year we feature new www.delmedical.com capabilities to enhance productivity, improve diagnostic efficacy, and lower costs.
ScreenPoint Medical - South Hall A, #3947
ScreenPoint Medical is on a mission: Smart AI for earlier breast cancer detection and diagnosis - so that women can live healthier, fuller lives.

Users trust Transpara by ScreenPoint Medical. Transpara delivers Workflow. Confidence. Results.

Transpara is flexible, works with any acquisition gantry and can be read in any customer-preferred reading environment.
Subtle Medical - South Hall A, #4347
Subtle Medical is a healthcare technology company dedicated to making medical imaging faster, safer, and smarter. Subtle Medical's AI-powered software solutions, SubtleMR™ and SubtlePET™, enable faster MRI and low count PET imaging. With up to 60% faster scan times, centers can scan more patients a day, which can provide increased revenue, better schedule adherence, and an improved patient experience. Subtle’s vendor-neutral solutions are a performance upgrade for any brand of PET and MRI machine, extending scanner life on your existing fleet and reducing the need to purchase new equipment. Email sales@subtlemedical.com for more information.
AIRS Medical - South Hall A, #4552
AIRS Medical is a leading healthcare AI company that envisions patient-friendly healthcare by transforming the inefficiencies in the medical industry through innovative technology. AIRS Medical offers SwiftMR™, an AI-Powered MRI Reconstruction solution. Thanks to fine-tuned deep learning technology of SwiftMR™, it can reduce MRI scan times by up to 50% while enhancing the image quality. The company was awarded “2023 North American Technology Innovation Leadership Award” by Frost & Sullivan and named one of “96 AI Companies building the next generation of radiology tech” by CB Insights in 2023.
Gradient Health - South Hall A, #5149
Gradient Health helps health systems put their data to work by facilitating the compliant sharing of data with medical innovators who need large, diverse datasets to create high-quality solutions for urgent needs. Data partners working with Gradient are helping to ensure their patient population is represented in training data for new technologies, whilst getting a share of the revenue whenever their data is used for a project. Medical innovators can use these extensive, diverse datasets to train and validate their AI algorithms, mitigating bias in medical AI and advancing the development of precise, high-quality medical solutions.
North Hall B:
INFINITT Healthcare - North Hall B, #6124
INFINITT's Radiology PACS, RIS, Cardiology Suite, Dental PACS, Digital Pathology, and Oncology, MDT feature a consistent, intuitive interface and superior integration to make image and data readily accessible. INFINITT has been ranked a Best-in-KLAS Category Leader twelve times. Our technology has been verified in over 6,300 clinics and hospitals worldwide.
Chronos Imaging - North Hall B, #6151
At Chronos Imaging, we are immensely proud of our heritage as a developer, manufacturer, and contract manufacturer of replacement CT tubes. Every tube we build benefits from decades of engineering experience and our legendary commitment to product quality. Chronos offers alternatives to expensive OEM CT tubes and makes cost-effective third-party service solutions possible. Our CT tubes meet OEM system requirements, including radiation dose output, and offer full CT system compatibility. Stop by the Chronos Imaging booth to see our full product portfolio and hear about what is next on the product road map for 2024.
Biodex - North Hall B, #6328
Biodex tables and accessories are made better to support better patient care. Through incomparable engineering and user-focused design, we enhance the value of your investments, helping you deliver a quality imaging experience for years to come. Visit Biodex in the Mirion Medical booth, #6328.
Capintec - North Hall B, #6328
Capintec™, a Mirion Medical company, offers advanced nuclear medicine and molecular imaging instrumentation that enhances safety and efficiency. From dose preparation to patient administration and radiation protection, our products better the human condition by protecting people from exposure during potentially life-saving imaging and therapy. Visit Capintec in the Mirion Medical booth #6328 for insights.
Mirion Dosimetry Services - North Hall B, #6328
Mirion Dosimetry Services™, a Mirion Medical company, is a leading global provider of occupational dosimetry products and services, and an innovator in the development of advanced personal radiation monitoring solutions. Our dosimetry solutions -- including the new Instadose®VUE wireless personal dosimeter -- better the human condition by monitoring for harmful radiation exposures in those who work with and around ionizing radiation. Visit Mirion Dosimetry Services in the Mirion Medical booth #6328.
Sun Nuclear - North Hall B, #6328
Sun Nuclear™, a Mirion Medical company, provides innovative patient safety solutions for Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy centers. More than 5,000 cancer and imaging centers worldwide rely on us for independent, integrated Quality Management. With a focus on ongoing support, Sun Nuclear aims to ease technology adoption, enhance workflows and improve outcomes – so healthcare providers can achieve real results for Patient Safety. Visit Sun Nuclear in the Mirion Medical booth #6328.
MedInformatix - North Hall B, #6331
MedInformatix is showcasing radiology's most powerful RIS at RSNA 2023, including powerful new marketing apps to help practices manage referring physician contacts and generate new leads, and new mobile communication apps allowing patients to schedule appointments, check-in, make payments and communicate with your practice via on-demand voice, text and email notifications.
Resoundant - North Hall B, #6958
Resoundant, Inc. was founded by Mayo Clinic and is the developer and manufacturer of Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE). The software and hardware needed for MRE is available as an upgrade for many 1.5T or 3T MRI systems from GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare or Siemens Healthineers, Canon, and United Imaging. MRE was FDA-cleared in 2009 and has a unique category I CPT code. MRE has been recognized as a standard of clinical care for liver fibrosis staging by several professional medical societies and serves as a key biomarker for liver fibrosis in suspected NAFLD/NASH patients.
RTI Group - North Hall B, #7150
Since 1981, RTI Group has offered complete Quality Assurance (QA) and HTM test solutions for X-ray modalities and facilities.

Our QA solutions include our well-known meters Cobia and Piranha and Ocean Next™ software. With the launch of our groundbreaking new meter, Mako, with the most advanced sensor technology in the market, we take a revolutionary step into the future of X-ray quality assurance and testing. The Plug-n-Play technology provides for easy set-up and wirelessly interfaces to your PC or Windows tablet for documentation with Ocean Next. Contact us to arrange a demo.
CryoSRV - North Hall B, #7950
CryoSRV is an independent cryogenic parts and service organization focused on providing a high-value alternative for re-manufactured parts and innovative service solutions. We have an extensive repair and test process that ensures quality and reliability. Remote monitoring 24/7.
Ziosoft - North Hall B, #8136
Ziosoft, a pioneer in 3D/4D advanced visualization, is featuring its cutting-edge Ziostation REVORAS platform at RSNA. It offers numerous productivity enhancements and new visualization technology, including our photorealistic Rembrandt image rendering. This superb image rendering capability is designed to dramatically transform or reimagine 3D medical image viewing. Ziostation REVORAS is a scalable, vendor-neutral comprehensive CT and MR post processing solution, available with our ZioFlex subscription, virtually eliminating capital investment barriers. Ziostation REVORAS – unsurpassed, affordable 3D image quality designed to significantly optimize your workflow and diagnostic confidence.

New Product Showcases:

South Hall A:
Dual-tier corner reading workstation
AFC Industries - South Hall A, #1605
The Dual-tier corner reading workstation offers you the flexibility of a wide and spacious desktop worksurface and the functionality of two independent height-adjustable layers. With the easy electronic control panel, you can comfortably find the ideal viewing angle whether you prefer the sitting position or the standing position.
Ethos® Automated Ultrasound Probe Cleaner Disinfector
CS Medical - South Hall A, #1956
Visit CS Medical at RSNA to meet Ethos® Automated Ultrasound Probe Cleaner Disinfector, the only product of its kind to be cleared by the US FDA. Ethos provides automated cleaning and high-level disinfection of soiled transvaginal, transrectal, and surface ultrasound probes in one device.
VIVIX-S F-Series Detectors
Medlink Imaging, a Vieworks company - South Hall A, #2111
The VIVIX-S F-Series are the finest DR detectors with best-in-class features never experienced before. Cutting-edge imaging technology and sophisticated design offers superior diagnostic images to streamline daily workflow. Experience the finest image quality with the VIVIX-S F-Series to ensure confident diagnostic decisions. With high resolution images, semi-dynamic function (multi frame mode) and the most advanced in-class software for image processing technology, the elegantly designed F-Series panels are a sophisticated, powerful and practical detector for even the harshest hospital environment.
VIVIX-S 1751 Long Format Detector
Medlink Imaging, a Vieworks company - South Hall A, #2111
Vieworks' revolutionary VIVIX-S 1751S Long Format Detector is designed to address the challenges associated with full spine and long length imaging studies. This cutting-edge DR panel will transform the way healthcare professionals approach this critical procedure. Capturing an entire long length image is very simple with only a single exposure, eliminating multiple images and tedious software stitching. There are no extended exam times or uncomfortable patient experiences. This state-of-the-art technology offers a faster exam process, reduced radiation exposure and high resolution for more accurate diagnoses.
MRI Shielded Enclosures
Universal Shielding Corp - South Hall A, #2503
USC has been providing MRI Shielded Enclosures to the medical industry for over 48 years. We design, fabricate, install, and test our enclosures to offer our customers a complete turn-key solution. We are an approved vendor of all of the major MRI manufacturers and manufacture all of our products in the United States. We also stock a wide variety of accessories including air vents, filters, and pipe penetrations. USC is acknowledged as a leader in the field, providing safe, interference-free environments for all MRI equipment. USC is extremely proud of its reputation for safety, on-time delivery, reliability, and industry expertise.
TAU 2020
Orthoscan - South Hall A, #3100
The superior choice in imaging. Blurring the lines between mini and full size, Orthoscan TAU 2020 was designed with key features in mind to make a noticeable difference in your workflow and efficiency. The 32" 4K touchscreen display is the largest on the market for a mini, providing you rich detail at a glance. Minimize patient dose and exposure with the stepless motorized collimator — an industry-first in a mini C-arm. Significant dose savings can be achieved with Intelligent Dose Reduction technology, reducing exposure to you and your patients while maintaining high-quality images.
Sentinelle Breast Coil
Dunlee - South Hall A, #3111
The Sentinelle Breast Coil features a patented, industry-exclusive variable coil geometry that allows each imaging element to be independently positioned and configured for each patient. Positioning the elements as close to the breast as possible results in a high signal-to-noise ratio for excellent image quality. An assortment of padding enhances patient comfort. Booth #3111, South Hall, Level 3
EVO Air Door
ETS-Lindgren - South Hall A, #3235
The ETS-Lindgren EVO Air Door offers revolutionary MRI door technology in a lightweight, pneumatically operated, high performance shielded door. The door is virtually maintenance-free, ensuring greater reliability, yet easy to use. This versatile door is available in single or double door
configurations and is an excellent choice for any facility.
StriXion™ Multi-modality System
JPI Healthcare Solutions - South Hall A, #3341
JPI Healthcare Solutions announces the StriXion™ Multi-modality System, a revolutionary 3-in-1 solution for hospitals, orthopedic, urgent care clinics, critical care units, and trauma centers. It seamlessly integrates 30 FPS Fluoroscopy, Standing and tabletop Tomosynthesis, and Digital Radiography with a 17”x 17” Active Area, all powered by ExamVue™ DTS Software. Available in 2024, the StriXion™ is expected to transform the way healthcare professionals diagnose patients in fast-paced environments, delivering robust image quality. Visit JPI’s booth at RSNA 2023 to experience this groundbreaking system.
GXR-SD Series
DRGEM - South Hall A, #4702
The GXR-SD Series is a digital diagnostic radiography system that provides high quality digital radiographic images with a reduced dose. The GXR-SD systems offer comprehensive digital solutions to all radiography needs, featuring ACQUIDR digital imaging system with stationary or portable digital flat-panel detectors along with our high-frequency X-ray generators that are known worldwide for their excellence performance, durability, and stability. Various tube stands, patient tables, and wall stands are available upon the user's request.

The GXR-SD Series DR system is guaranteed to improve your workflow, exam throughput, and efficiency with its excellent performance.

North Hall B:

CinemaVision CV2020 Audio/Video MR Entertainment System
Resonance Technology - South Hall A, #6100
Resonance Technology, Inc introduces for the first time ever CV2020 the next generation of CinemaVision Audio/Video patient comfort for the MRI/fMRI. Demo available at Booth # 6100. The CV2020 is compatible with MRI suite strengths from 1.5T to 7T environments, delivering Hi-Fidelity soothing Audio along with High Resolution vibrant video to the patient for clinical scanning procedures. For fMRI, the Controller can be integrated with multiple Audio/Video Inputs to have the desired paradigm outputs required for a vast spectrum of applications; including vital two-way communication between technologist and patient. Eliminate costly sedations and cancellations. Quick patient set up can increase patient throughput, and revenue. Additional available systems for patient comfort and fMRI are Serene Sound audio system, MR-Compatible MagnetVision Monitor, MRI Projector, and Evoke Patient Response device for the fMRI research paradigms.
Instadose®VUE Wireless Personal Dosimeter
Mirion Dosimetry Services - South Hall A, #6328
The new Instadose®VUE wireless dosimeter from Mirion Dosimetry Services revolutionizes the way radiation exposure monitoring is performed, with unprecedented flexibility and convenience to ensure safety in the workplace. Harnessing Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology, the InstadoseVUE dosimeter enables wearers to capture dose reads on-demand, anytime and anywhere. With programmable calendar features, scheduling automatic dose reads ahead of time is easy, simplifying dose management even further. Experience radiation exposure monitoring like never before with the InstadoseVUE — where advanced technology meets user-friendly functionality.
OmegaAI-World's Fastest Zero Footprint Viewer
Ramsoft - South Hall A, #6513
RamSoft is a healthcare IT software provider of choice for organizations seeking to provide faster, empowered care. We leverage more than two decades of experience in developing innovative medical imaging workflow solutions, including the world's first Imaging EMR, OmegaAI. Our products are trusted by healthcare organizations worldwide.
RTI Group - South Hall A, #7150
The brand new Mako meter from RTI is a pioneering solution that will revolutionize your way of work with plug-and-play simplicity. It is the most efficient and accurate meter, offering the broadest application range.

Unlock time, efficiency, and cost savings by harnessing the power of a single tool across the entire range of X-ray systems and applications. Integrate Mako into Radiography, Fluoroscopy, CT, Dental, and Mammography X-ray QA workflows, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

Beyond the hills of spreadsheets, Ocean Next™ software awaits. Ocean Next™ gathers data from Mako in real time with streamlined routines and complete traceability.
Reveal Mobi Pro
KA Imaging - South Hall A, #7948
The Reveal Mobi Pro is the newest addition to the KA Imaging product line. It integrates the Reveal 35C detector with SpectralDR technology into a modern mobile X-ray solution. Mobi Pro allows for simultaneous acquisition of conventional and dual-energy images with a single exposure at the bedside improving hospital and patient outcomes and protects revenue by reducing outflows. A recent study analyzing 9 readers showed increased confidence in 57% of ICU cases when the spectral radiographic images were provided with no increase in reading time. KA Imaging will be at RSNA (booth #7948, North Hall) showcasing the new mobile.

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