Over 1450 Total Lots Up For Auction at Three Locations - NJ Cleansweep 02/29, TX 03/01, NC 03/05

DOTmed's Dealer Auctions
A Great Way For Professionals to Sell Equipment and Pay Less.

DOTmed Dealer Auctions allow Equipment Brokers and Dealers to Auction equipment, handle certain aspects of the deal themselves, and pay a reduced commission.

This Auction type is only available to used equipment brokers and dealers. In the case of a DOTmed Dealer Auction, the commission DOTmed charges is lower but dealers and brokers may be called upon to handle deinstallation, crating, export paperwork and inspections.

Total Selling Price
(Qty * Individual Selling Price)
Item not sold 0%
$0 – $100,000 10%
$100,001+ 10% of the initial $100,000 +
5% of the amount > $100,000

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