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Q. What is DOTmed all about, what is the purpose of the site?

A. DOTmed is a free bulletin board where healthcare professionals can post listings of items they have for sale, items they are interested in purchasing, services that they offer, and jobs that they have available. DOTmed believes that because the services it offers are valuable that it will attract more users than any other similar website. Because of its traffic DOTmed hopes that some of the DOTmed users will take advantage of certain fee-based services to make their listings stand out and be seen first.

Q. Does DOTmed buy or sell equipment?

A. DOTmed does not buy or sell equipment we only operate a website to help individuals and companies that do buy and sell equipment.

Q. How does DOTmed make money?

A. DOTmed does not buy or sell equipment, except in the cases of Auctions, or provide any sort of equipment-based services. DOTmed only makes money if DOTmed users choose to take advantage of some of the fee-based services outlined under the section "My Upgrades and Ads". You must be registered to order these fee-based services. You can get more information about them here.

Q. How do I register on DOTmed?

A. Registration on DOTmed is free and easy. To register click on the "Register" link in the upper right-hand corner and follow the instructions. Please view our "Legal Notice"

Q. How do I edit my name, address, phone, fax, password or email address (user name)?

A. Click on "My DOTmed," then "My Information," then "Modify Personal Information."

Q. What if my email changes, how do I change my email in DOTmed?

A. Click on "My DOTmed," then "My Information," then "Modify your Email Adress".

Q. What if I want to change my password on DOTmed?

A. Click on "My DOTmed," then "My Information," then "Modify your Password".

Q. How do I add my company to the Services Directory or edit the paragraph describing the services offered my myself or my firm?

A. To add your company to the Services Directory or to edit your description click on "My DOTmed" then "My Services".

Q. How do I list myself or my company under more categories in the Services Directory and what does it cost if anything?

A. To select the Service Directory Categories that you want you or your firm to be listed under click on "My DOTmed" then "My Services" and follow the directions. The first 50 Equipment Categories are free. If you wish to be placed in more Equipment Categories, select Specfic Models you sell or service, or make your listing stand out more, go to "My DOTmed" then "My Upgrades and Ads."

Q. What if I do not want my company to appear in the Services Directory?

A. If you no longer want your company to appear in the DOTmed Services Directory click on "My DOTmed" then "My Services" and check the button that reads "NO, do not display my company information to other DOTmed users."

Q. How do I find things on DOTmed?

A. The easiest way to find something on DOTmed is by using the DOTmed Search Box. You can also browse any of the Categories on the home page or Equipment, Parts or Jobs sections. You can also look at all the newest listings posted by clicking on Newest Listings.

Q. If I see a listing I'm interested in how do I contact the person that posted the listing?

A. If you are interested in contacting the person that posted the listing click on that listing and enter your message in the "Email the Lister" box. This will send your email to the lister of the item. Only registered users may email the lister, unless that lister has purchased "Premium Listings."

If the individual has paid to include their phone number you can call them.

Q. What do I do if I emailed a DOTmed user about a listing and they never answered me?

A. DOTmed users are encouraged to respond to their email but are not required to do so. If a DOTmed user does not respond and you cannot find that DOTmed user in the "Services Directory" there is nothing that DOTmed can do to help you.

Q. What if I do not find what I need?

A. If you do not find what you need you either did not search correctly or the item is not listed on the site.

You can request an "Alert" for this item, and if anyone posts such an item, you will automatically be alerted via email.

Also, you can always post a Wanted Listing expressing your interest in this item.

Q. Do I have to pay to post a listing on DOTmed?

A. You can post up to 30 Listings at a time on DOTmed free of charge. Expired or deleted listings do not count against your total. If you want to post more than 30 Listings at a time, click on "My DOTmed" then "My Upgrades."

Q. How do I post a listing on DOTmed?

A. To post a listing on DOTmed, click "Post a Listing" then choose which type of Listing you wish to post. After that you will select a category, sub-category and manufacturer until you are prompted with a form to fill out the details of your post.

Q. Can I see a copy of all the Email I sent to people through DOTmed?

A. To see a copy of all the email you sent to people through DOTmed click on "My DOTmed" then the "Time Savers" tab then "My Email".

Q. Can I see a copy of the Email people sent to me through DOTmed?

A. To see a copy of the email people sent you through DOTmed click on "My DOTmed" then "My Email".

Q. What is "DOTmed Email"?

A. DOTmed email keeps a history of every email that you send to another DOTmed user about a listing you are interested in, and every email that a DOTmed user sends to you about one of your listings that that user is interested in.

Q. What is "My Listings"?

A. By clicking on "My DOTmed" then "My Listings" a complete list of any listings you have posted on the site is displayed. You can modify or delete any of those Listings from "My Listings".

Q. What is "My Alerts"?

A. By clicking "My DOTmed" then "My Alerts" you can either add, view or delete free weekly alerts.

Q. What is "My Bookmarks"?

A. "My Bookmarks" is a free service offered to all DOTmed users. As you see a Listing of interest to you, you can bookmark it so whenever you visit "My Bookmarks" you can easily view a list of all of the Listings you were interested in.

Q. What is "My Services?"

A. By clicking "My Services" you can list yourself under various Service Categories. Anyone searching DOTmed that clicks on "Services Directory" will find you or your firm in the categories you listed yourself under.

You or your firm is not automatically listed in the Services Directory. You must list yourself or your firm in the Services Directory to appear in the Services Directory.

Q. How do I respond to an alert that received?

A. DOTmed sends out weekly alerts advising you of listings that have been added to the site that match your alert criteria.

Click on the link for the alert in question and click on "Email this Lister" to send the person that posted the Listing an email.

Do not respond to DOTmed but respond to the person that listed the item.

Q. How do I delete my entire registration?

A. Email us to delete your registration.

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