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Q. Do I have to pay to post a listing on DOTmed?

A. You can post up to 30 Listings at a time on DOTmed free of charge. Expired or deleted listings do not count against your total. If you want to post more than 30 Listings at a time, click on "My DOTmed," then "My Upgrades."

Q. How do I add a For Sale, Wanted or Job Listing?

A. Click "Post a Listing" and choose which type of listing you wish to post. Choose the proper category, sub-category and manufacturer, until the listing form appears on your screen. Use the form to fill out details about the listing, and upload a photo. When you are done, click "Continue" to post your listing.

Q. How do I delete listings?

A. To delete a Listing, go to "My DOTmed" then "My listings," check the box under the listing that you want to delete, choose "Delete Selected Listings" from the drop-down box at the bottom of the page and click "Submit."

Q. How do I edit or modify a listing?

A. To edit or modify a Listing go to "My DOTmed," "My listings," then "Edit the Listing or Submit to Archive." Make any changes you wish then click "Update" located under the description of the listing.

Q. How long will a listing remain on DOTmed?

A. Your listing will remain on DOTmed for 35 days. You will be notified prior to 35 days that your listing is about to expire. If you do nothing the listing will be deleted, but if you follow the instructions in the email the listing will remain for another 35 days.

Q. What are some of the listing rules I should follow?

A. You may post a 'For Sale' listing only for equipment that is actually owned by you. You may not post a generic classified, each listing must be for a specific piece of equipment. You may not include your contact information, website or email addess in your listing (We offer Upgraded Listings that will add this information automatically for you). You may not post multiple listings for the same item. We reserve the right to edit any listing, for any reason. If we edit your listing, we will generally try to notify you.

Also, be sure to read our Listing Legal Notice AND DOTmed's Compliance and Compliance Complaint Proceedure.

Q. What if I want to add a listing and there does not appear to be any category for that listing?

A. We have tried to be as thorough as we can and enter as many categories as possible. If however, you do believe there is not an appropriate category for your Listing please suggest a category.

Q. What if I have successfully posted a listing and it does not appear under my company?

A. If you click "My DOTmed," then "My listings" and your listing does not appear then there must have been an error in posting a listing. Attempt to post the listing again. If the listing still does not appear email

Q. How do I respond to an alert that I received?

A. DOTmed sends out weekly alerts advising you of listings that have been added to the site that match your alert criteria.

Click on the link for the alert in question and click on "Email this Lister" to email the individual/company who posted the Listing.

Do not respond to DOTmed. Respond to the person that listed the item.

Q. Can I view my Listings on DOTmed?

A. To view your listings on DOTmed click on "My DOTmed," then "My Listings."

Q. If I see a listing I'm interested in how do I contact the person that posted the listing?

A. If the individual has paid to include their phone number you can call them. By clicking on the listing you can enter your message in the text box and click "Send" to send them an email.

Q. What do I do if I emailed a DOTmed user about a piece of equipment and they never answered me?

A. DOTmed users are encouraged to respond to their email but not required. If a DOTmed user does not respond and you cannot find that DOTmed user in the "Services Directory" there is nothing that DOTmed can do to help you.

Q. How do I add a photo to a Listing?

A. To post a photo while you are posting your listing simply click the "Browse" button on the listing submission form and locate the picture on your computer.

To post a photo to an existing listing, go to "My DOTmed," then "My Listings" and click "Edit this Listing." Click the "Browse" box and locate the picture on your computer.

Your photo must be in either jpg, gif or png format and the filename must not include spaces.

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