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Listing 2192711 Listing 2192711 Listing 2192711
Listing 2192711 Listing 2192711 Listing 2192711

For Sale PLUS OPTIX S09 Autorefractor

  • Condition : Refurbished
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  • Date : February 15, 2024
  • Listing # : 2192711

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Listing: #2192711

  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Brand: PLUS OPTIX
  • Type: Autorefractor
  • Model: S09
We are offer a plusoptiX S09 Vision Screeners, designed to screen for refractive error, anisocoria and strabismus in children starting at age 6 months. Because it's so easy to use it's used by pediatricians, school nurses and Lions clubs alike. Vision Screening can be performed in any child because the only compliance needed is a short fixation of the camera. This fixation is provoked by a specially designed sound target, called a "warble" sound.

Features at a glance
Proven accuracy
Both eyes are screened simultaneously
Screening is performed from 3.3 feet (1 meter) away
A "pass" or "refer" screening result is displayed automatically
Screening takes 0.8 Seconds
Full range documentation options

plusoptiX S09 screen shotScreening procedure
Performing a screening is simple, takes less than one second and can be performed by non-medical staff or volunteers. Start the camera by pulling the trigger, a sound attracts attention, capture both eyes in the white rectangle on screen and a measurement is performed automatically. Screening distance is 3.3 feet (1 meter) with a tolerance of +-2 inches (+- 5 centimeters). Screening results are displayed on screen immediately.

Screening results
Refraction, pupil sizes and corneal reflexes are measured and compared to age based referral criteria automatically. Referral criteria are:
Anisometropia - compares refraction of both eyes
Astigmatism - checks corneal irregularities
Hyperopia - checks farsightedness
Myopia - checks nearsightedness
Corneal reflexes - checks symmetric eye alignment
Anisocoria - compares pupil sizes of both eyes
If readings are within limits, a "pass" screening result is displayed. If one or more of the readings are outside of limits, a "refer" screening result is displayed. Screening results are displayed on screen immediately after a measurement is completed.

plusopitX S09 screening result print out Screening documentation
Vision Screener plusoptiX S09 saves patient data and screening results in the internal database automatically. This database enables you to review all previous measurements of one child in a chronological order. For paper records or as a handout for parents, you are able to print the following documents:
a self adhesive label
a screen shot
a screening result
If your office uses Electronic Medical Records (EMR), you are able to connect the device to your computer network and import patient data and export screening results directly to your EMR.

The units comes:
Main unit
Mouse Keyboard
User Manual PDF
Computer/ Screen

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