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For Sale VARIAN GammaMedplus iX remote afterloader system Brachytherapy

  • Asking Price :$16,950.00 USD [convert]
  • Condition : Used - Good
  • Weight : 1000.00 Lbs
  • Qty. Available : 1
  • In Stock : Yes
  • Date : January 31, 2024
  • Listing # : 4774709

Item Description

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Listing: #4774709

  • Condition: Used - Good
  • Brand: VARIAN
  • Type: Brachytherapy
  • Model: GammaMedplus iX remote afterloader system
This is a used Gammamedpplus iX varian after loader in Excellent working condition. There is no source. This is a 24 channels. This system comes with the treatment planning, console. key bpard, , cables, control console, , pig, well chamber, an applicator, emergency kit, ring set and Permoadoc position verification. This system is ready to be used. It needs NRC licnese, order a source

GammaMedplus iX

This solid, reliable afterloader is the fifth generation of a long and successful line.

The GammaMed® remote brachytherapy afterloader has been supporting reliable, safe, comprehensive brachytherapy treatment for over 50 years. The GammaMedplus™ iX afterloader and control software are designed to be fully compatible with hospital networks and enhance high dose rate (HDR) and pulsed dose rate (PDR) brachytherapy treatments.


· Fixed length treatment distance aims to help reduce errors associated with applicator-to-afterloader connection.

· Unique applicator end test to verify applicator connection integrity and treatment length

· Distal-to-proximal source movement

· Fully integrated with BrachyVision™treatment planning system and ARIA® oncology information system network.

· 24 channels allow usage to all body sites

· Wide range of treatment accessories suitable for CT imaging.


3.5 mm long active source encapsulated into the tip of a braided cable

· Source can be installed at an activity of up to 15Ci.

· Certified for up to 5,000 transfers meeting requirements, even for heavy users.

· Solid core-designed source cable permits movement in a distal to proximal direction during treatment delivery ensuring accuracy and potentially reducing errors caused by cable bunching.

· Distal 200 mm of the cable is a highly-flexible braided design that facilitates movement through tight catheter turns.

Flexibility in plan delivery

· Connects to up to 24 channels.

· Programmable up to 60 dwell positions per channel and variable step sizes ranging from 1 mm up to 10mm in 1 mm increments.

· 0.1 second dwell time resolution with 0.0-999.9 seconds variable dwell time range for flexibility and precision indwell time delivery.

· Source transit speed of up to 60 cm/second.

· Adjustable indexer head enables a level source treatment path from indexer to patient, whether laying down or in a seated position optimizing the path to the treatment site.

Fixed length treatment distance

· Combined length of the applicator and correct source guide tube is always 1300 mm.

· Potentially reduces errors caused by incorrect treatment length entry since the length is always the same.

Unique applicator end test

· Sends the inactive source to the end of the channel and then further extends to ensure that it detects a closed-end catheter.

· Verifies an unobstructed source path and a total channel length with the aim of ensuring uninterrupted treatment delivery and applicator connection integrity.

· Optional end test for intraluminal catheters where having the dummy push against the end is undesirable. Channels that do not perform the applicator end test include the last five channels on a 24-channel device.

iX control software creates intuitive, streamlined, user-friendly experience

· Presents information in a controlled and logical manner with the aim of ensuring no detail is overlooked or misinterpreted.

· Logical screen layout, intuitive icons, and clear graphics provide the pertinent information when and where it is needed.

· Icons at the foot of the screen indicate the system status, source calibration information, and prior to treatment initiation, the status of all critical interlocks.

· Treatment delivery steps include: selecting the patient, confirming the demographic data, selecting the fraction, and checking the treatment parameters. Once reviewed, the treatment report may be printed or stored.

· For added patient safety, a unique treatment code is entered to begin treatment delivery.

· Imports patient data from the treatment planning system using a wizard-style, field-matching process to reduce the risk of selecting the incorrect patient for treatment. When a patient is recognized, users can create a new course or add the treatment to the existing course as a new fraction.

· View dwell times in a bar graph format to identify discrepancies.

· During treatment delivery, observe the radiation status, source position, remaining channel time (in minutes and seconds) and a graphical representation of real-time source position.

· Integration with the BrachyVision treatment planning system and ARIA oncology information system allows for the direct download of treatment plans with the aim of achieving accurate and reliable transfer of plan data, both to and from the database.

Hardware and software safety

· Access to treatment delivery secured through two hardware keys and password protection.

· Mechanical verification of secure connection of catheters/applicators prior to treatment delivery.

· Inactive source cable extends to the end of the channel to verify that no obstructions or kinks in the guide tubes, applicator or catheter exist.

· Immediate cable retraction occurs when console communication failure is detected.

· Mechanical switch indicates when the cable is in the home position and the source is returned to the safe.

· Automatic detection of catheter/applicator blockages with position reporting.

· Checks performed by internal radiation detector during and after treatment delivery.

Emergency retraction

· Backup battery for emergency source retract

· Independently powered Geiger Muller radiation detector alerts users if radiation is not detected during treatment or is detected after the source cable has retracted.

· Automatic source retraction on power failure or hardware error.

· Easily operated manual retract handle.
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