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Specifications for

S/N: FMA005554LF Warranty: 7 DAY INSPECTION

Item Summary

Part Number: FM-1510-OH NEW 1-15 L/min O2 Pressure Compensated Flowmeter

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This flowmeter is NEW and undamaged. Directions are included.

According to the manufacturer:

Pressure Compensated Flowmeters are designed to meet strict standards of durability and precision. Bases are constructed of solid aluminum and finished in a clear anodized plating. The flow control valve consists of a precision needle valve threaded into a brass seat. This provides extended resistance to wear and corrosion. The flowtube and shroud are made of clear polycarbonate


*Accurate gas flow measurement and control within a range of 1-15 L/min
*Applications in a variety of respiratory therapy clinical settings
*Large easy to read increments with an expanded 1-5 L/min range for improved readability at low flows
*Meter is dual tapered and the rear surface is textured to enhance readability
*Precise pressure compensated, accurate flow readings
*Flowtubes individually tested for accuracy
*High precision glass ball ensures maximum repeatability
*Double scale eliminates optical distortion
*Flush setting: of 65 L/min
*Supply pressure:50 psi
*Durable impact resistant flowtube and shroud
*Solid aluminum body with clear anodized plating
*DISS outlet thread with protection rim
*Shroud locks onto the base with inlet adapter to prevents loosening, leaks, and possibility of shroud ejection when pressurized
*Knob and needle valve have a stop to prevent entire component from decoupling
*Color coded to help prevent cross connections
* Manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on flowtube and shroud
*Replacement needle valve assembly kits available

The following should probably be present in all ads here.... it is basic common sense. In short it says the buyer is responsible for ensuring this device is used legally and is liable for its use.


Regardless of the origin of the equipment, documentation provided or identification appearing upon the equipment, the equipment described and offered here is in no way certified for, recommended for, or offered for any specific use. The buyer is purchasing an item(s) which may have been used for medical purposes and may have the potential to again be used for this purpose, however unless otherwise specified, at the time of sale the item is not considered to be bio-medically certified for use in any jurisdiction. The purchased item(s) is simply a device which operates in the limited manner described in the listing and/or electronic and mechanical components.

The purchaser agrees that the seller shall not be held responsible or liable:

* for any injuries or damages, whether incidental or consequential, associated in any way with the equipment;

* for compliance with regulations on ownership or use of the purchased item within the jurisdiction in which the purchaser resides and/or uses the item.

The purchaser, by buying this equipment, indicates their acknowledgment of, and agreement to the terms of this disclaimer.

The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by Health Canada, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other national/provincial/territorial/state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not buy this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to Health Canada or FDA regulation and it is to be used for regulated medical services in the Canada or the USA, your payment for it indicates you are an authorized purchaser and will comply with these regulations. If you have questions about legal obligations regarding sales of medical devices, you should consult with the appropriate authorities.



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