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For Sale ESSILOR ES 800 and ES 800M Patternless Edger

  • Condition : New
  • Qty. Available : 1
  • In Stock : Yes
  • Date : June 04, 2024
  • Listing # : 4871926
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Item Description

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Listing: #4871926

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: ESSILOR
  • Type: Patternless Edger
  • Model: ES 800 and ES 800M
  • MPN: ES 800 and ES 800M
ES 800 and ES 800M Essilor Lens Edging Systems

ES 800 is a compact and user-friendly in-office Essilor Lens Edging System. It is the perfect solution to demonstrate your craftsmanship, reveal your creativity, and reinforce your expertise while enhancing the value of your work. It is composed of the ES 800 edger and the TCB 800, automatic tracer-centerer-blocker and its hybrid version, the ES 800M edger, with a dual technology that combines milling and grinding, is capable of securing hydrophobic or delicate lenses.
1. Opt for the Ultimate Edging Precision
• Perfect tracing and centering
• Full high-curve technology
• FIT 4 FRAME 2.0 technology

2. Superior User Experience Combined with a Comfortable Heads-Up Display
• Elegant and compact design
• Personalized interaction
• Easy-to-play interface

3. Unique Personalized Eyewear Styles
• M’Eye Sign
• M’Eye Shape
• M’Eye Clip
• M’Eye Diamond (coming soon)

4. Absolute Axis Control
• Hybrid milling and grinding technology
• Secure edging for very slippery hydrophobic or delicate lenses
• Minimizes axis deviation risks
• Eco-friendly

Essilor Lens Edging Systems Manufactured by Essilor | CE- and UL-certified

Decades of Building Trust in Finishing
Since 1954, Essilor Instruments has been a pioneer in the finishing industry, serving eye care professionals (ECPs). Essilor Instruments sets the benchmark in finishing performance, quality, innovation and service to ECPs globally through its worldwide network of technical experts.
ES 800 is a compact and easy-to-use in-office finishing system, composed of the ES 800 edger and TCB 800 automatic tracer-centerer-blocker (TCB). A hybrid version, ES800M, combining milling and grinding, secures the edging of slippery or delicate lenses and minimizes axis deviation risks.
Its state-of-the-art technologies provide unparalleled edging and customization possibilities. Combined with the M’Eye Custom web app, you can showcase your craftsmanship with unique styles, reinforce your expertise, and enhance the value of your work.
Opt for the Ultimate Edging Precision

• PERFECT TRACING AND CENTERING – TCB 800 automatically harmonizes frame base trajectory and adjusts centering data based on the 3-D parameters, ensuring a right fit. It compensates for any decentrations induced by the frame curvature. A pad positioner helps operators correctly position the pad on the edging block.

• FULL HIGH-CURVE TECHNOLOGY – Avoid risks of breakage up to base 10 for wrap-around frames with a self-adjusting process incorporating a roughing cycle that automatically adapts to the curves of lenses. Optimize bevel placement and shelf depth for safe mounting without undue lens stress.

• FIT 4 FRAMES 2.0 TECHNOLOGY – Ensure aesthetic and robust mountings through a diverse array of bevels. The FIT 4 FRAMES 2.0 technology accommodates various groove profiles, including both front and back step bevels. Modify the lens shape on 8 different points of its perimeter for extremely precise customization.

Enjoy a Superior User Experience Combined with a Comfortable Heads-Up Display

• ELEGANT AND COMPACT DESIGN – Discover a sleek modern silhouette with high-quality materials and an ergonomic 12-inch tiltable multitouch screen heads-up display and enjoy a comfortable navigation experience with 3D views that showcase every detail.

• PERSONALIZED INTERACTION – Benefit from personalized device settings for operators using their user profile and the Favorites function for quick access to recurring tasks.

• EASY-TO-PLAY INTERFACE – Explore a seamless and intuitive interface, making in-practice finishing easy and efficient for operators with varying levels of expertise.

Inspire Customers with Unique Personalized Eyewear Styles

With ES 800 and its M’ EYE Custom web app, take a leap forward for lens customization.

Engage customers with an interactive shopping experience by allowing them to visualize different lens personalization and enhance their connection to the product.
Engrave your lenses with a personal touch thanks to a library of 400 icons and 20 font options, conveniently categorized in TCB 800 for easy selections.
Express your unique style by customizing lens shapes with 100 integrated design options, categorized in 3 themes: Classic, Original and Trendy.
• CHEMISTRIE – Enhance eyewear versatility by adding a magnetic clip, featuring fully-polarized sun protection
• CHEMISTRIE BLUE – Blue-light filtering
• CHEMISTRIE 3D – 3D-passive technology for movies and television
• CHEMISTRIE PLUS – Optimized reader lenses for small print and writing
• CHEMISTRIE EYEWEAR THAT CLICKS – M’Eye Clip uses the technology of Chemistrie.
Shine like a diamond. Decorate your lenses by choosing from a range of 20 crystal pavé designs and mix and match with 10 different colors.

Optimize Axis Precision

Essilor Lens Edging Systems ES 800
Giving better prowess and avoiding risks of breakage – The bevel placement and shelf depth are optimized for safe mounting without undue stress on lenses.

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