For Sale KENDALL SCD EXPRESS 9525 Pump Vascular Compression

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  • April 10, 2018

Item Summary for KENDALL SCD EXPRESS 9525 Pump Vascular Compression

Kendall SCD EXPRESS 9525 Compression System:

The SCD EXPRESS Compression System is designed to apply intermittent pneumatic compression to increase venous blood flow in at-risk patients in order to help prevent deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. The System consists of the Controller, the Tubing Sets (provided with the Controller) and single-patient use garments (purchased separately from this Controller). The garments, both leg sleeves and foot cuffs, compress the limbs to enhance venous blood movement. After the compression, the Controller measures the time it takes for the limbs to refill with blood and waits that period of time before the next compression is initiated.

The SCD EXPRESS Compression System - Two Systems in One! Offering the user the option of two different types of compression with one controller - leg compression and foot compression - this portable, lightweight, versatile machine is clinically proven to help reduce the incidence of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

This new system provides a number of unique treatment features for every patient, including vascular refill detection*. The SCD EXPRESS Compression System allows one or two limb operation. It allows for foot only compression, leg only compression, or combined foot and leg compression. This gives the end user more flexibility for treatment options. The battery operation makes the device transportable for uninterrupted protection throughout a patient’s stay in the hospital. The more active or mobile patients can continue the protection without being tethered to a wall outlet.

This lightweight, digitally-controlled SCD is intended to alleviate swelling and leg numbness from DVT and Peripheral Edema in recovering patients. These refurbished units are hopsital grade SCDs and are out-of-service from hospital use. System comes complete with knee high leg sleeves, hose set and operating manual.

*Vascular refill detection: The SCD Express system is designed to monitor the rate at which the veins in the feet and legs refill with blood. This allows the machine to adjust compressions rates in order to optimize the amount of blood flow.

All-in-one controller
Vascular refill detection
Lithium ion battery operation and indicator
Garment detection
Single-leg operation
Small footprint
Light weight
One-touch operation
Automatic pressure adjustment
Automatic battery charge
Safety system shutdown
Integrated bed mount
Integrated handle
Hospital grade power cord, with grounded 3-prong plug
Non-detachable power cord
Port a and b indicators
Simplified audible and visual alarms
Small, light-weight, kink-resistant tubing

Kendall SCD EXPRESS Brochure
Kendall SCD EXPRESS Features
Kendall SCD EXPRESS 9525 Specifications
Kendall SCD EXPRESS Frequently Asked Questions
Kendall SCD EXPRESS Operating and Service Manual

Qty 1 - Kendall SCD EXPRESS 9525 Compression Controller
Qty 1 - Kendall SCD EXPRESS 9528 Compression System Tubing Set

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