Over 150 Total Lots Up For Auction at One Location - CA 05/31

MRI Depot
on DOTmed Private Sales

"I love the new changes you have been making to the site. We have been very successful in obtaining deals direct with end users through these services. On one deal alone we made over $20,000 - not bad if you ask me." -- Mark Henderson of MRI Depot
Mark Henderson of MRI Depot


Oxford Instruments
on DOTmed Advertising

Thanks very much to the DOTmed Ad Team -- I appreciate your hard work and attention to our account. I am very pleased with our print and online advertising package, and your continued support.
Thomas Freund of Oxford Instruments Service, LLC

on DOTmed Advertising

DOTmed continues to develop and offer Dunlee new methods to notify and educate the medical industry with up to date product information and news. Through their efforts, Dunlee has acquired hundreds of sales leads from interested people, providing sales opportunities throughout the world we may never have had.
Peter Muiznieks of Dunlee


Opelousas General Health System
on DOTmed Full-Service Hospital Auctions

DOTmed did a great job of getting our equipment out there for potential customers to review with excellent results for our hospital. This has been the easiest sale of surplus equipment for me with by far the highest return to the hospital. I would highly recommend DOTmed to anyone looking to get the highest return for surplus equipment.
Lawrence Delahoussaye of Opelousas General Health System

Ardus Medical
on DOTmed as the Leading Medical Equipment Website

I use DOTmed as a resource to optimize my time and find the companies that offer the products and parts that I need.
Ryan Felts of Ardus Medical


Image Technology Consulting, LLC
on DOTmed Private Sale Auctions

Image Technology Consulting has successfully used and tested the Private Sale Platform introduced by DOTmed over the past few months; and our review is quite favorable. It allows the Buyer and Seller to actively communicate about the system which give us the opportunity to offer these machines to our clients at a cost that is inclusive of the removal costs; thus providing a clear picture of the true total cost of an imaging asset.
Marshall Shannon of Image Technology Consulting, LLC

Providian Medical Equipment LLC
on DOTmed Private Sale Auctions

Private auction service is phenomenal. I think this service serves both the seller and buyer exceptionally well. I have used this service as the Gold Service buyer on several occasions and have had positive outcomes every time.
Brian Kosar of Providian Medical Equipment LLC


Intermountain Healthcare
on DOTmed Full-Service Hospital Auctions

We were introduced to DOTmed in 2008. The President of the company flew out and went through a few of our facilities to look at some radiology rooms and angiography rooms that we were planning on upgrading and removing. Most of the vendors were looking to remove the room for free but DOTmed was able to sell the rooms via auction while still removing the rooms at no cost to our company. (read more...)
Coby Hopkinson of Intermountain Healthcare

Medical Equipment Solutions
on DOTmed as the Leading Medical Equipment Website

I want to thank the entire DOTmed team for the platform you provide. I began using your site in 2008 to re-sell Surplus Medical Equipment and Devices we purchase from Hospitals. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to DOTmed for the success we are having. We have used your auction services, your upgraded listing services, and this year have begun to list parts as well. The service you and the rest of the staff provide at DOTmed is incredible. You really have a great venue, and know how to bring buyers to the table. (read more...)


Stavropoulos Stavros & SIA OE
on PartsHunter

We use DOTmed for 3 years with excellent results in purchasing spare parts. Parts Hunter is a very useful tool as you can find whatever you need and you can compare the prices and the sources. When we need a spare part we do not send emails to potential suppliers but we post a request to Parts Hunter, this is easy and quick. Thank you DOTmed.
Stavros Stavropoulos of Stavropoulos Stavros & SIA OE

Harlow Scientific
on DOTmed WebStores and Customer Service

Thank you for the follow up. Yes, I spoke with David, my Project Manager, yesterday. He was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions. He walked me through all of the necessary steps to get our web store up and running. We are very pleased with your service and staff thus far. It's nice to see a company that cares about their customers, thank you for all of your help.
Joseph LaFrange of Harlow Scientific


Northwest First Responders
on DOTmed Managed Auctions

"Northwest First Responders would like to take this opportunity to express ourselves regarding the exceptional service that we received from the DOTmed.com, Inc. in our recent purchase of three Burdick Cardiovive AT automatic external defibrillator's. The transaction was very pleasant and easy with no problems. They went the extra mile on this sale to make it very enjoyable. We look forward to future business with this company in the future."
Joe Pretre of Northwest First Responders

Lafayette Surgicare
on DOTmed Full-Service Hospital Auctions

"We were all very impressed. Now we are rid of that piece of equipment that was taking up space and have money in our pocket! Life is good."
Michael Sandler of Podiatric Clinic


Lenox Hill Hospital
on DOTmed Full-Service Hospital Auctions

"Our hospital had auctioned previously with DOTmed but this was my first experience using them. I was happy with the price my equipment sold for and DOTmed did all the work with no headaches for me. I will happily use them again."
Fred DeSarno of Lenox Hill Hospital

Topex, Inc.
on the Power of DOTmed Advertising

"DOTmed.com has provided TOPEX many new sales leads and inquiries for its skin cancer superficial x-ray therapy system. These leads go directly to our Global Dealer network. Many of these leads have turned into actual orders and sales projects. (read more...)
John Brenna of Topex, Inc.


MSP Medical Surplus
on DOTmed Managed Auctions

"I had a variety of analog mammography units in my warehouse. After trying to sell them on my own, and only selling one, I turned to DOTmed, and they have successfully sold 3 units, and I really had to do nothing. I furnished the information, they listed it, auctioned it, received payment, and paid me. GREAT JOB!!"
Michael Pallen of MSP Medical Surplus

Cavanaugh Associates
on Upgraded Listings

"I wanted to let DOTmed know how much I like the service you provide. Not only is the cost vs. value a great buy, but I also appreciate all the extras you do in keeping your subscribers informed as to changes in our industry, and trying to protect all from fraud and dishonesty. I hope you will always be around!"
Bob Cavanaugh of Cavanaugh Associates


Delaware Valley Hospital
on DOTmed Full-Service Hospital Auctions

"We are just a small hospital located in upstate New York, but DOTmed helps us connect with buyers all over the world. We will continue to use their Auction services to get a fair price for our used medical equipment."
Randy Taylor of Delaware Valley Hospital

Ellis Hospital
on DOTmed Full-Service Hospital Auctions

"DOTmed.com and my contacts there are a class act. Very professional and a pleasure to do business with. I will certainly use them again."
Ed Suriano of Ellis Hospital


Hospital for Joint Disease
on DOTmed Full-Service Hospital Auctions

"I have used the Auction services of DOTmed for over 3 years now. I am always satisfied with the price I receive for my equipment and with the level of service they provide."
Marcus Vogel of Hospital for Joint Disease

New York Eye & Ear Infirmary
on DOTmed Full-Service Hospital Auctions

"Our hospital has used the Auction services of DOTmed for several years now and have always been pleased with their level of service and professionalism. We will continue to use DOTmed in the years to come."
Gene Marrano of New York Eye & Ear Infirmary


Interfaith Medical Center
on DOTmed Full-Service Hospital Auctions

"When I was first contacted by DOTmed about their Hospital Auction Services, we were closing a building containing many pieces of old equipment. DOTmed inventoried a number of pieces and sold them for $40,000." (read more...)
Robert Samse of Interfaith Medical Center

NYU Hospitals Center
on DOTmed Full-Service Hospital Auctions

"I have been using DOTmed.com for the resale of surplus medical equipment since 2005. The procedure is an effortless one on our part and we are rewarded financially for equipment which was no longer providing value to the institution. I recommend DOTmed.com."
Arlene Friedman of NYU Hospitals Center


Medical Maintenance Consultants, Inc.
on DOTmed Advertisers

"I recommend a lot of people to DOTmed due to how you guys qualify your people who list equipment on your website, and it seems that most dealers who list with you are very proud of their association with DOTmed."
Stan Poole of Medical Maintenance Consultants, Inc.

C&C Medical Solutions
on the DOTmed 100

"Just a quick note of thanks for the DOTmed 100 Certificate of Achievement that I received in the mail from you yesterday - I noticed that it was hand signed. I also wanted to offer my recognition to you and your entire team for the services that DOTmed offers every day - simply fantastic!"
Christopher Turner of C&C Medical Solutions Inc.


NorthWest Supply
on the Power of DOTmed Advertising

"I analyzed our past two months of sales vs advertising venues and it is clear to us that DOTmed is the top producing lead generator by far. We consider the dollars spent with DOTmed an excellent advertising value. We calculated that 40.4% of the quotes generated actually converted into sales. We are pleased with DOTmed's performance."
Ron de Ru of NorthWest Supply

OMED of Nevada
on DOTmed Upgraded Listings

"I've been with you for over 7 years and I don't know what I'd do without you guys!"
David Ogren of OMED of Nevada LLC


OSI - Oncology Services International
on DOTmed Specialized Advertising

"DOTmed fulfils an important role in helping Oncology Services International connect efficiently with potential users in our specialized niche of Radiation Therapy equipment and Service. Without a doubt DOTmed offers the most innovative and best value internet based marketplace (read more...)
Tony Richardson of Oncology Services International

Metroplex Health System
on Full-Service Hospital Auctions

"Our hospital had several pieces of equipment nobody seemed to want. I met with my DOTmed Regional Auction Manager and had them put them up for auction on DOTmed.com. In 2 days, my reserve price had been met and the equipment was sold. A few days later I had a check. I am one satisfied customer."
Randy Hill of Metroplex Health System


Adam Medical Sales
on DOTmed Parts Hunter

"Adam Medical Sales has sold hundreds of parts through our DOTmed Parts Listings and DOTmed Parts Hunter. We are extremely happy with our DOTmed online advertising."
Joshua Glas of PhiGEM Parts, Inc.

Furrow Auction House
on the Power of DOTmed Auction Advertising

"I probably received phone inquiries from at least twenty individuals. If we had to do it all over again, I would probably increase my DOTmed advertising and reduce my brochure advertising."
Blake Wilson of Furrow Auction Company


Colussus Medical
on Advertising Exposure

"Our company has received much more exposure using the DOTmed website both in the US and Internationally; in addition we love the new website design and find it more aesthetically pleasing and more easy to use."
Mary Firkin of Colossus Medical

Innovative Solutions for Medicine
on Upgraded Listings

"I have several ways that I market my products but by far the greatest marketing money I spend is with DOTmed's Upgraded Listings. I find customers (AND customers find me) through DOTmed that I would not find any other way."
Jim Hopkins of Innovative Solutions for Medicine


on Upgraded Listings

"Upgrading my account has DEFINITELY increased my sales leads! Not just for the items listed on DOTmed but for other equipment these contacts have needed. Thanks for talking me into it!"
John Mendez of MED-LAB EXESS

Health Quest
on DOTmed Full-Service Hospital Auctions

Health Quest is very pleased with DOTmed's Auction Services. We will continue to do business with DOTmed.
Carol Van Wagner of Health Quest


Dietz Healthcare
on International Sales

"If it wasn't for DOTmed, we would have no international presence or sales. We love you guys."
Patrick Hardy of Dietz Healthcare, Inc.

KING Equipment Services Inc.
on DOTmed Advertising

"In 2008, I've made $150,000 from my DOTmed advertising."
William King of KING Equipment Services Inc


Lily Tobar
on DOTmed Forums

"I did receive the check today (for the remainder of the refund balance.) I just wanted to let you know. Thank you so much for your help. As I have told you before, I really do believe that they started paying attention to me (and started paying back the refund) when I got you and DOTmed involved. Thank you again."
Lily Tobar of Robert Tobar, MD, PA

Medequip Engineering Service Inc.
on Sales leads

"DOTmed has been an invaluable source for new contacts in the industry. We've seen a notable increase in inquiries and have made actual sales as a result of those inquiries. We're being reached by more international clients than ever before." (read more...)
Dawn Nightshade of Medequip Engineering Service Inc.


Mile High Equipment Appraising,
on DOTmed Auctions

"As an Accredited Senior Appraiser under the American Society of Appraisers I appraise medical equipment. Your site is invaluable to my valuations. I recommend you to various practice managers every week. Thanks for a great site."
Dennis Leonetti of Mile High Equipment Appraising

Jackson Memorial Hospital
on DOTmed Full-Service Hospital Auctions

"I have used the services of DOTmed for Full-Service Auctions. I am very pleased with their services and I will continue to use DOTmed in the future."
Yusupha Kah of Jackson Memorial Hospital


A to Z Medical
on the Power of DOTmed Advertising

"We have utilized the easy to navigate DOTmed.com website for 9 years with excellent results in selling, researching, and purchasing equipment. We are especially pleased with DOTmed's tie-in to major search engines, Google and Yahoo. Our listings regularly show on the first page of any medical equipment search (ie. Ritter 75L utilizing Google)." (read more...)
Dave Hill of A to Z Medical, Inc.

Scan Consultants,
on DOTmed Full-Service Auctions

"I truly am a poster boy for DOTmed Auctions and will tell anyone who will listen that the DOTmed Full-Service Auctions are the way to go. Simple, painless and it works because of the effort you guys put into it. 20% may seem like a lot but I feel it is well worth it considering the headaches that come along with a self managed auction. Good job!!"
Stephen Shebes of Scan Consultants,LLC


MedPro Imaging,
on DOTmed Advertising Efficiency

"DOTmed is the most reputable website for medical equipment that I have used. The cost for marketing is very reasonable when compared to alternative options."
Charlie Jahnke of MedPro Imaging, Inc

on Upgraded Listings

"Since we upgraded our equipment listings on DOTmed, our financial landscape has trended upward dramatically. We are thrilled with the level of exposure and the quality of the leads that have been instrumental in the growth and development of our company."
Betsy Gordon of E.L.V.S.-Equipment Locator Vendor Services


on Advertising

"Our ability to generate business from DOTmed is the best! It has all been terrific."
Jim Monro of Radiological Service Training Institute (RSTI)

MedPro, Inc.
on Targeted Text Ads

"We're pleased with DOTmed. We've had 600 pass-thru's on our text ad. We have found specialties that we normally don't reach like hospitals. DOTmed has certainly paid for itself."
Mike Moreno of MedPro, Inc.