Technical Prospects, LLC.

Technical Prospects, LLC.

Experts in Siemens Medical Imaging

Jeremy Probst, Chief Operating Officer
DOTmed user since February 2002

1000 S. County Rd CB
Appleton, WI 54914 USA

Phone: +1 (920) 757-6583 x8230

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Technical Prospects, LLC. Company Video

See what we do at Technical Prospects and how our unique business is impacting the healthcare industry.

About Us

Specializing in Siemens Medical Imaging Parts, Training and Technical Support. Our ISO 9001:2015 Certified Family-owned company has been in business for 20 years. We have over 100 years of combined medical imaging experience. New OEM and Pre-Owned Quality Assured Certified Siemens parts. Siemens X-ray, CT, Mammo and specialty parts.  Quality is paramount in everything we do!

Equipment Categories


Angio Lab
Cath Angio Lab
Cath Lab
Chest X-Ray
CT Scanner
Mammo Accessories
Rad/Fluoro Room
Rad Room
Remote R/F Room
X-Ray Image Intensifier
X-Ray Tube


Education, Training
Parts, New, Used and Rebuilt

Our Facility

Technical Prospects has a state of the art 72,000 sqft facility in Appleton, WI USA.&&&&  Our facility offers high tech offices with 60,000 sqft of temperature controlled warehouse space&&&& and 12,000 sqft for training and Quality Assurance bays.&&&& 

Our world class Training Center is complete with 2 clasrooms and 16 QA bays with 26 fully functional Siemens systems for a hands-on training experience.

Please give us a call to come and tour our clean and organized arrangement of Siemens Imaging Parts or visit our website for a virtual tour video experience

Siemens Parts Support

Technical Prospects supports these modalities:

Computed Tomography
  *Somatom Definition Flash
  *Somatom Sensation 10/16/40/

*Somatom Sensation 4
  *Somatom Volume Zoom
  *Somatom Emotion Duo, 6, 16
  *Somatom Plus, Plus 4
  *Somatom Smile
  *Axiom Aristos VX, FX, MX
  *Multix PRO, TOP, MT
  *Mammomat 300
  *Mammomat 1000, 3000 Nova
  *Mammomat Novation DR
  *Iconos R200
  *Uroskop Access
  *Luminos TF
  *Siregraph TOP
  *Sireskop SX, SD
  *Angiostar Plus
  *Axiom Artis Family
  *Siremobil 2000
  *Siremobil ISO-C
  *Siremobil Compact/Compact L
  *Arcadis Orbic
  *Mobilett Plus, Plus HP
  *Mobilett XP Hybrid, CR, Digital


NEW! Siemens MRI

Technical Prospects has over 100 Siemens X-Ray tubes available.

We stock new Siemens Straton Z, Megalix CAT, Megalix CAT Plus and Opti X-Ray tubes.

We have a huge inventory of pre-owned tested Siemens X-Ray tubes.

All X-Ray tubes are backed complete with warranties and free technical support!

New Siemens OEM CT Brushes


Please call  920.757.6583 for pricing

Technical Prospects offers Free Technical Support.

Our Technical Support engineers have over 100 years of combined service and will help you get your systems up and running quickly!

We provide you with 24x7x365 Customer Service and Technical Support!

Employee Bios

Jeff Kaufman - Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Who I am:
Being relatively new to this industry, I utilize my 28+ years of experience in customer relationships and business development to help our team reach new levels of success. Creative and strategic in nature, I consistently look for opportunities to invest in our team and build long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships.

As the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, I am accountable for bringing awareness and understanding of who we are, what we do and why we should be your supplier of choice. I am responsible for developing go-to market strategies and sales approaches to meet our targets. Finally, once we have the opportunity, I make certain we have the tools, resources and processes available to ensure a world class customer service experience that is the envy of the industry.

What I Love:
For as long as I can remember, I have loved problem solving. First, I seek to understand. This typically leads to uncovering reasons why the problem exists. I then develop actions and strategies to address those reasons; which, in turn, produce multiple options for potential solutions. Whether it's business or pleasure, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the outcomes and results of an issue that's been resolved. To get away, I love to spend time with my wife and family. This includes spending time on the water, watching football or completing projects around the house.

Where I Grew Up:
I am a lifelong resident of Wisconsin, born in the Appleton area, then moved to the central Wisconsin, and finally back to the Appleton area after college.

News from Beyond DOTmed

Technical Prospects Acquires Siemens Field Service Engineer

Technical Prospects adds Siemens field service engineer to team of experts to enhance technical support and develop new technical training course offerings.


As an industry leader in Siemens parts, training and support Technical Prospects is always striving to be the best in quality and expertise. Expanding its expertise to include Siemens MRI support by hiring a former Siemens field service engineer, Chris Watson, was the next logical step to enhance the customer support experience. Chris brings over ten years of Siemens expertise to Technical Prospects and will serve as a dedicated resource to provide technical support for preventative maintenance, repair guidance, equipment calibration, part installation, and error troubleshooting on all of Siemens imaging modalities. Developing new training courses will also be a focus given Chris’ current knowledge of Siemens medical imaging equipment.


During his tenure with Siemens, Chris worked as a field service engineer repairing Siemens medical imaging equipment in some of the country’s largest hospitals. Having field experience, Chris understands the importance of repairing equipment quickly and the challenges engineers face in the field. Most importantly, Chris knows the value of having someone like himself available to assist with troubleshooting and other technical support needs.


“Technical Prospects is truly unique in its genuine customer-first-focus. During my time in the field, vendor technical support was sometimes outsourced, unavailable or very expensive. Technical Prospects has a consistent team of engineers available to help resolve customer concerns at no cost to the customer. Moreover, the training program at Technical Prospects is custom-tailored to students’ skill levels or professional needs as opposed to standardized, inflexible curriculum offered by other providers.” – Chris Watson.


Technical Prospects offers free technical support on Siemens medical imaging modalities, no parts purchase necessary, backed by a team of engineers with over 100 years of imaging experience. The company offers other free technical resources, including videos and blogs available on its website. Technical Prospects is also known for its thorough training programs at its world class state-of-the-art training facility.


To engineers looking to “get technical” on Siemens medical imaging equipment, Technical Prospects is the expert and will help get equipment up and running quickly.


Technical Prospects, a company specializing in Siemens medical imaging equipment, continues its commitment to providing quality Siemens parts, training and support through ISO 9001:2015 certification.

For over 20 years Technical Prospects has been committed to providing customers with quality Siemens medical imaging parts, training and support. Providing parts that meet OEM specifications is an essential element in keeping customer equipment up and running. To accomplish this goal, Technical Prospects uses quality assurance procedures to include: testing parts on complete systems in quality assurance bays, running multiple electronic tests and visually inspecting parts to ensure they meet specifications before placing them in the hands of customers.

The company’s commitment to quality is also evident in its electrostatic discharge (ESD) prevention measures. Team members wear ESD grounding devices in every step of part preparation from harvesting to shipping in order to protect parts from electrostatic damage. The company’s commitment to quality is carried through with its unique packaging; some of the best packaging standards in the market according to customers. For large-heavy parts, Technical Prospects handcrafts custom crates that integrate the components minimizing the potential for shipping damage. These detailed measures help the company achieve one of the lowest part DOA rates in the market.

Technical Prospects’ commitment to quality continues with its training program that is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Training courses are led by industry professionals with over 100 years of imaging experience. Courses are a blend of classroom lecture and hands-on lab training. Recent student Roy Morris, Director of Biomedical Engineering at the International Childrens Heart Foundation commented, “Technical Prospects has one of the best training labs I have seen with world-class instructors. The training is very organized and methodical with full-hands-on-training.”

Technical support is another ISO certified service provided by the company. Every day, Technical Prospects’ engineers and technicians assist customers with part identification and guide engineers in the field on troubleshooting procedures. Jeff Rindfleisch, Vice President of Operations stated, “We pride ourselves in providing excellent post-purchase support of the parts we sell.”

Overall, quality is paramount at Technical Prospects. Being certified in ISO 9001:2015 is another testament of quality and dedication to exceeding customer expectations.


Notes From our Company

Technical Prospects is in its 20th year of providing the global medical imaging community pre-owned Siemens OEM quality standard imaging parts, training and support.

Technical Prospects is 9001:2015 Certified.

Technical Prospects, LLC. Gold Parts Vendor Mini Profile

Technical Prospects specializes in Siemens Medical Imaging Parts, Training and Support. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified for the disassembly, repair, refurbishment, quality assurance, technical support and technical training of medical imaging products. Our Company is highly focused on customer satisfaction, quality parts and expert training. All parts are field tested before removal of the system and most parts are processed through several Technical Prospects' documented quality checks to assure the products meet specifications. Since the business began 20 years ago; history, documentation and a focus on process improvement has been key to our success. We offer a 90 day warranty, 24x7x365 Customer Service and Support for most parts. We offer Online training courses and combination classroom & lab-based courses for a world class experience. We were founded by the backing of a 35yr veteran of the medical imaging field. We have a staff of engineering expertise with over 100 years combined service. Please call 877-604-6583 for additional information.

Standard Warranty Terms:
Parts supplied by Technical Prospects are pre-owned, field tested parts and in excellent working condition. Parts supplied are warranted for 90 days from the date of purchase, with some exceptions. Glassware or X-ray Tubes are excluded from this warranty as they are handled on a per sale basis and include product-specific warranties that match the OEM.

Standard Return Policy:
Unused, unopened parts (purchased but not used, disturbed, tampered) are subject to a 15% restocking fee. With proper authorization the item may be returned within 10 days from the date of shipment. The part must be returned in the original packaging. Disturbed, tampered parts are subject to a 100% restocking fee and are considered DOA. A return authorization number must be obtained before the return of the part. Open parts are not accepted for return unless a return authorization number is obtained before the return of the part. A 30% restocking fee will be applied upon inspection of the part.

Years In Business: 20

Percentage Of Revenue That Parts Account For: 90%

Restocking Fee: 30%

Warehouse Size in Sq. Ft.: 60,000

Number of Parts Stocked: 32,000


  1. Siemens Imaging Parts
  2. Siemens CT Parts
  3. Siemens X-Ray Parts
  4. Siemens Collimators, X-Ray Tubes, Control Consoles
  5. Phillips MX 8000 CT Parts
  6. Siemens OEM CT Brushes
  7. Offering Siemens medical imaging equipment training & parts for your Siemens CT, X-Ray, Mammography, Fluoroscopy, and R&F/Specials equipment. We also support Philips MX8000 and IDT series & Brilliance CTs
  8. ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED

Technical Prospects, LLC. Gold Parts Vendor Testimonials

The buying experience at Technical Prospects far exceeded my expectations.
I spoke with Anthony and Sarah during the purchasing process.
They both were very courteous and willing to take extra measures to ensure I received the right part on time.
I would recommend Technical Prospects for your replacement imaging parts.
Lori Weidow – KMA Remarketing
You Rock!
So I got the D190 board for my UroSkop room in and installed it, but got called away for troubleshooting another room and then the urology dept. decided to bring in a patient for a procedure! So I came back into the room and had to scramble to get the room back together and I connected on ribbon cable to the wrong connection an popped a fuse. So I called up and Mike got me thru the troubleshooting to the exact fuse and I was able to resolve and get the room back in service- all while being watched by the patient. So what a morning but thanks to Technical Prospects – It has turned out successful.

You all Rock- please pass this around to the whole team to show my appreciation for keeping us functional.

Chris Bryant
Lovell Federal Health Care Center.
“Technical Prospects training program compares to all major OEM training programs, if not better.”

Starting his career in medical imaging with the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, Greg Patterson has more than 32 years of image engineering experience and has a wealth of experiences.

Attending over 20 OEM training schools (including Toshiba, Phillips, GE, Siemens, etc.), Greg stated

“Technical Prospects training program compares to all major OEM training programs, if not better.”
• The instructors were very knowledgeable
• The facility was very clean and the layout efficient
• Training equipment was not only clean, but operational so it could be used to train
• Training materials were complete, in a logical order and contained useful information
Humanitarian of the Year and Biomedical Engineer, Roy Morris, was a Technical Prospects’ training student.

Roy attended the Angio/Cab course at Technical Prospects to learn how to keep critical Siemens medical imaging equipment working during his missions with the International Children’s Heart Foundation.

A grateful student, Roy Morris explained the value of his newly acquired knowledge:

“We transport three volunteers to a country to perform Cath lab procedures on four children daily over the course of two weeks. It is critical we can rely on the equipment used for the procedure, have the knowledge to repair it, and understand the maintenance to sustain it. If a machine is down, that means children cannot receive the life-saving procedures they need from our team.

Technical Prospects has equipped me with working repair and maintenance knowledge on Cath and Angio imaging equipment so I can ensure the machines are performing properly during life-saving surgeries. Even more importantly, I can share my new knowledge with the local engineers so they can maintain the equipment after our team leaves. We want our efforts to be sustainable and the hospital to function independently from the ICHF within five years of the program’s start.”
Ian attended a Siemens Sensation class at Technical Prospects and had this to say: “Technical Prospects helps his professional career by having a “large availability of parts and support for Siemens Equipment. They have top notch training with excellent hands-on labs. And, Appleton, WI was way more fun than I expected”.
Ian has attended many training programs at facilities throughout the U.S., but said many companies do not give out printed training materials. Technical Prospects provides printed materials and it is nice to have this information in book form. He also said, “the facility was beautiful, clean and very modern. Class size and structure were perfect”.
Asked how Technical Prospects’ training program compares to other training programs he attended, Ian said, “How does grandmas’ apple pie compare to that rotten apple the dog decided to roll on?”.
Ian Lucas - 10 years imaging engineer

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Helping customers to get rooms up-and-running quickly! "Thank you this is perfect, as usual. The transaction is complete. Parts installed and our room is back up and running. :) The best part NO OEM service required." Ken - CRES, CBET
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Fluoroscopy courses start October 6th with the Uroskop Access. Enroll today!
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Emotion 6/16 training now available! First course 3/10!!
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Siemens Medical Imaging Equipment Training to start March 10! Register today.
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John Vandersteen Posted to the Service Technicians forum:
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Hello Nijah.... Click here to read more
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Staring in March, Technical Prospects will be starting Siemens Medical Imaging Training! Emotion 6/16, Generators, & Multix PRO/TOP. Want more info? Email us at,_Llc
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Latest news about Technical Prospects, LLC.

Don't Buy a Hero Kit. Be The Hero. — September 08, 2016

When you have a question about your Siemens Medical Imaging equipment, you need an answer. The technical support team at Technical Prospects has your back.

Quality Parts sold with a high level of Integrity. — August 18, 2016

You need to be able to depend on your Siemens Medical Imaging parts; they need to work right out of the box. When you buy your parts from Technical Prospects you can be confident they will.

Training. Your money saving alternative to service contracts. — June 30, 2016

Training your engineers on your Siemens Medical Imaging equipment saves time and money every day thereafter. Specialized training courses from Technical Prospects meet the needs of your facility and your engineers at every stage.

Knowledge + Confidence = Repair Capability on Your Siemens Medical Imaging Equipment — May 07, 2016

Course offerings include Siemens Sensation CTs, Multix X-Ray systems, Luminos, Uroskop, and Iconos fluoroscopy systems, and AXIOM Artis cardiac catheterization labs. New to 2016 is our online Intro to X-Ray course!

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