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Hospital Direct Medical

Hospital Direct Medical

New, used and refurbished hospital and medical equipment

Sean Callahan, owner
DOTmed user since April 2012

4901 Morena Blvd #600
San Diego, CA 92117 USA

Phone: +1 (858) 263-4894

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About Us

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc. is a medical equipment and hospital equipment distributer located in San Diego California, Winchester Virginia and Richmond Virginia. Our core business is full electric hospital beds which we sell new, used and refurbished along with stretchers and gurneys. We also sell and buy other medical equipment including surgical equipment, endoscopy equipment, portable ultrasounds, ultrasound consoles, EKG's, defibrillators, neo-natal, surgical lights, OR tables, patient / vital sign monitors, crash carts, medical carts and anything coming out of a hospital.  We ship and sell medical beds to Mexico, Latin America, The Philippines, Africa and other international countries. We sell Hill Rom Advance, Hill Rom Advanta, Hill Rom TotalCare, TotalCare Sport beds, CareAssist along with Styker Secure 1, Secure 2 and Secure 3 hospital beds. You can view more of our inventory at www.hospitaldirectmedical.com  www.1usedmedicalequipment.com and www.1hospitalbeds.com and at www.youtube.com/usedmedicalequipment.

We can outfit entire hospitals with medical equipment refurbished and patient ready and ship items from San Diego California and Richmond Virginia. Recent container shipments to Kenya Africa, Senagal Africa, Turkey, Mexico, The Phillipines and many more International destinations. We sell in the USA and International. Contact us for more information and prices of items you are in need of at hospitaldirectmedical@gmail.com  


Equipment Categories


Beds Electric
Bedside Table
Beds - Misc.
Overbed Table
Patient Positioning


Pre-Owned Equip Remarketer
Remanufacturer, Rebuilder

Our Facility

Doctor Office - Exam Room Medical Equipment for Sale

We carry a wide variety of
Midmark and Ritter exam tables including
the Midmark - Ritter 104, 108, 204, 304, 404 manual exam tables and
the Midmark Ritter 222, 223, 305, 405 and 623 power exam tables and
also power procedure chairs used for minor surgery, procedures and
ultrasound case studies. 

We have mayo stands, cabinets for disposables, exam room lights,
doctor mini stools, otoscopes, opthalmascopes, blood pressure
equipment, vital sign patient monitors, medical cabinets, defibrillators and

Contact us for pricing and availability at 858-263-4894 or 540-327-7376
or visit us at www.1usedmedicalequipment.com for photos and more information

 You can also email us at hospitaldirectmedical@gmail.com 

Hospital Beds and Patient Room Furniture

We carry and sell
hospital beds by the thousands. As one of the largest sellers
of used-refurbished hospital beds in the USA we have a wide selection of models
from Hill Rom and Stryker in addition to hospital patient room furniture.

We sell Hill Rom Advance beds, Advanta P1600 beds, P3200 Versacare beds,
P1900 TotalCare beds, Hill Rom CareAssist beds, Stryker Secure 2 beds, Secure 3
beds, Stryker GoBeds and more. Contact us for hospital bed prices at 858-263-4894
or 540-327-7376. You can also visit our main hospital bed website at www.1hospitalbeds.com
or email us at hospitaldirectmedical@gmail.com 

We sell Hill Rom Patient Mate, Patient Mate Jr. and Stryker TruFit side bed tables
along with 3 drawer bedside cabinets and other hospital patient room furniture
refurbished and patient ready. Contact us for prices at 858-263-4894. 

We also sell hospital beds in large quanities of 25 or more units "as is"
to dealers and wholesalers who refurbish beds. Click hospital beds wholesale
for more information.

EKG's, Defibrillators, Patient Monitors and More!

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc. is a distributer of refurbished
and reconditioned EKG's, patient monitors, anesthesia monitors,
defibrillators and other medical equipment. All items are bio-med certified
and patient ready. Contact us at 858-263-4894 for prices and models
in stock at our San Diego California and Virginia locations.

We have everything you need for a hospital, exam room, surgery center
and more. Email us a list of items you are looking for at hospitaldirectmedical@gmail.com  

Stryker and Hill Rom Stretchers and Gurneys

We carry a wide variety of
Hill Rom and Stryker stretchers and
are one of the largest resellers of used-refurbished medical stretchers
and gurneys in the USA. We sell Hill Rom P8000 and 8005 Transtar
stretchers, Stryker 1015, 1005, 1025, 721, 1001, 1501, 1105, 1115,
1125 stretchers along with maternity and birthing stretcher models
including the Stryker 1061 "Gynnie" stretcher and the Hill Rom 8050
OB-GYN stretcher model. See more stretcher models and prices at
hospital stretchers for sale or call us at 858-263-4894 or at 540-327-7376.

You can also email us at hospitaldirectmedical@gmail.com for stretcher
availability and prices including shipping and delivery costs at

Maternity Birthing Beds, Infant NeoNatal Medical Equipment

We also carry a wide selection of Hill Rom and Stryker birthing beds,
maternity beds, stretchers and
infant -neo-natal medical equipment
including Hill Rom Affinity 2, Affinity 3 and Affinity 4 birthing beds,
Stryker LD304 birthing beds, infant incubators, infant warmers,
phototherapy lights, infant fetal monitors, OB-GYN ultrasound equipment
and more. Contact us for pricing and availability at 858-263-4894
in California or 540-327-7376 for Virginia. You can also email us at


Notes From our Company

Hospital Beds / Medical Beds

We specialize in buying and selling hospital beds including
* Hill Rom Century beds
* Hill Rom Advance beds
* Hill Rom Advanta beds
* Stryker Secure 1 MPS 3000 beds
* Stryker Secure 2 beds

We buy and sell these beds to brokers and end users around the
world including Mexico, Latin America, The Philippines and Asia.

We can sell beds in "as is" working condition, refurbished and new.

Our best selling bed and most popular bed is the Hill Rom Advance
Series hospital bed which is a durable and reliable hospital bed
in the USA for nursing homes, nursing schools and International
hospitals. www.1hospitalbeds.com

Hospital Beds

Refurbished Hospital Beds / Medical Beds

We specialize in buying and selling hospital beds including
* Hill Rom Century beds * Hill Rom Advance beds
* Hill Rom Advanta beds * Stryker Secure 1 MPS 3000 beds
* Stryker Secure 2 beds

We buy and sell these beds to brokers and end users around
the world including Mexico, Latin America, The Philippines and Asia.

We can sell beds in "as is" working condition, refurbished and new.
Our best selling bed and most popular bed is the Hill Rom Advance
Series hospital bed which is a durable and reliable hospital bed in the
USA for nursing homes, nursing schools and International hospitals.
View our websiute for more hospital bed photos and resources.


Ultrasound Equipment for Sale

We sell a wide range of portable and console ultrasound units including the Sequoia 512 ultrasound and also the Sonosite 180 Plus, both units come refurbished and can be outfitted for OB / GYN, Cardiac, Vascular or Internal Medical / Abdominal. We also carry brand new ultrasound equipment from Sonoscape including the popular black and white A6 and the color and doppler step up model the S2.

Basically ultrasounds are sold based on "budget and price" and also by functionality and the features the doctor needs (the number of probes etc.._. An OB / GYN will normally need the endovaginal and convex probes to perform all studies and the cost of an extra probe is normally 2k - 3k and up.

What Ultrasound is Best for Me?

First off do you need a portable ultrasound or can you use
a console ultrasound unit?

The Acuson Sequoia 512 is a 160k ultrasound new that now
sells for about 6k refurbished with one probe and offers full color
and doppler features. If you don't mind the size the
Acuson Sequoia 512 is one of the most reliable and
durable ultrasounds ever built.

Portable Ultrasounds

New ultrasound vs Used / refurbished ultrasound 
which is better?

Portable ultrasounds are all based on budget and
functionility. New black and white ultrasounds including
the A6 by Sonoscape offer excellent image quality, 15"
screen size, offer easy to hit presets, 2 year warranty
starting at $4,800 with one transducer.

If you can use black and white the Sonoscape A6 is
one of the best selling ultrasounds and a superior model
with larger screen size, more memory and excellent image

Other notable things about the Sonoscape A6 that
doctors like is the easy to reach presets, easy patient data
entering, excellent calc and charts, easy in uploading data
and large screen size. For the price this is one of the best
new portable
ultrasounds you can buy in the USA.

If you need color and pulse wave doppler features +
then you would step into the Sonoscape S2 color ultrasound
which starts at $9,500 for one probe new with 2 year warranty.

If you do not have the budget to spend 10k plus for a new
ultrasound then one great back up option is the Sonosite
180 Plus portable ultrasound that has color and doppler
and starts at 6k for kits with multiple probes.

The Sonosite 180 Plus is a popular used / reconditioned
ultrasound choice since it is a popular model than many
doctors have worked on and are familiar with. The Sonosite
180 Plus ultrasound is very popular with international
medical clinics and hospitals where shipping costs are also
a consideration and getting an ultrasound with the maximum
capability for the best price.

If you are looking for an ultrasound machine we carry the
Acuson Sequoia 512, the Sonosite 180 Plus and also
the new ultrasound models by Sonoscape
including the A6 black and white, the S2 color and
other models.

Call or email us for more information at
hospitaldirectmedical@gmail.com  View current inventory at www.1usedmedicalequipment.com - see video
demos at www.youtube.com/usedmedicalequipment

Ultrasound Links





New and Refurbished EKG's for SALE

We have 2 EKG's for sale including 1 brand new EKG / ECG and also one
refurbished unit in stock. For new EKG's we carry the MD Pro ADV 12
which is a touch screen machine with wireless ability.

1. NEW MD PRO ADV 12 EKG - 12 Lead / 12 Channel
EKG with touchscreen and wireless add on package
$1,900 + tax - add wireless software for $200. 
New with 2 year warranty -

2. GE MAC 1200 EKG - 12 Channel / 12 Lead Refurbished
with 1 year warranty - $1,200 + tax.

We carry new and refubished EKG's with prices starting at just $1,200
for a GE MAC 1200 with one year warranty. Call or email us to
order at 858-731-7278.



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