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Hear For Life

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Hear For Life

Marlin Dunn, Owner
DOTmed user since October 2013

2536 Old Frederick Road
Catonsville, MD 21228 USA
Phone: +1 (410) 461-9099
Marlin Dunn, Owner
Phone:+1 (410) 461-9099

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About Us

"Hear for Life" is a new company that was formed after the owner retired from a similar business. Experience and more wiser was the motivational tool behind the start. We buy and sell used Audiometers, as well as three brands of new Audiometers. As far as the used Audiometers are concerned, after purchasing, they are tested and calibrated. If they don't pass calibration, we diagnose the instrument to find out why, its either refurbished and put on the market, scraped or sold in a auction. The chosen instruments are then calibrated again when sold, while offering a 30 day full refund or exchange...We offer Certified Calibrations [Lawson Davis Instruments] at a reasonable cost, with reasonable turnaround...

As far as our new Audiometers, we offer the Inventis brand, from full Clinicial Hybrids, to PC based Piccolo Speech that supports Air, Bone and Speech testing...All the Inventis brands come with the Daisy Maestro software, for patients storage and even burning a disk for the patient to take with him, for future use or Dr. change...

Hear for Life does not do any set-up type installation, but we try to make it up with good pricing and excellant service on what we sell, either used or new...You will never here us say" Turned instrument on and lights come on, no furher testing could be done", or "Sold As is, no accessories, no warranty".. What you will hear is "calibrated and ready to start doing Audiograms"... 

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