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21133 Bridge St.
Southfield, MI 48033 USA
Najeeb Haddad, VP Business Development
Phone:+1 (248) 223-9900

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About Us

EndocorpUSA is an endoscopy independent service organization (ISO) that services, repairs, and maintains endoscopes to doctors, hospitals, and surgical centers worldwide. We are the largest stocking dealer of pre-owned and refurbished endoscopes, endoscopy equipment, and accessories. 

EndocorpUSA also supplies capital OEM endoscopy repair parts to the ISO market. These parts have increased the capabilities of ISO service centers and the quality of repairs worldwide. Our supply of parts allow ISO's to replace critical parts that otherwise would prevent endoscope repairs and increase down-time of endoscopes. 

Founded in 1996, EndocorpUSA has grown to be an integral player in the ISO endoscopy market. Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, EndocorpUSA has established affiliate offices with in-house repair capabilities in Latin America and the Middle East.

We provide our customers with unparalleled solutions to costly OEM repairs. And because of our unsurpassed stock of OEM parts we can provide quality repairs, that meet OEM specifications, at an affordable price. 

Our Products 

+ Flexible and Rigid Endoscopes 
+ Endoscopy Equipment - Processors, Light Sources, Pigtails, Keyboards, Medical Carts, Foot Switches 
+ Endoscopy Accessories - Reprocessing Products, Cables, Soaking Caps, Biopsy Valves 
+ Endo-Therapeutic Devices - Disposable and Reusable 
+ OEM Endoscope Parts - from obsolete models to the newest models, small and large diameter 
+ Flexible and Rigid Endoscope CCD's 

Our Services 

+ Endoscopy Repair Services (Minor and Major Repairs, Complete Overhauls, Service Exchanges) 
+ Endoscopy Preventative Maintenance 
+ On-site Installation and Staff Care and Handling Training 
+ Re-processing Documentation & Training 
+ Capitated and Cost Plus Fixed Fee Service Contracts 
+ Equipment and Peripheral Repairs 
+ One-year Standard and Extended Warranties 
+ Loaner Pool- Next-Day Loaners guaranteed 
+ Endoscopy Rental


Equipment Categories


Endoscopy General
Endoscopy Processor
Video Endoscopy


Parts, New, Used and Rebuilt
Pre-Owned Equip Remarketer
Repair, Maintenance, Service
Posted 618 Days Ago
Najeeb Haddad Posted to the Honest & Dishonest Dealings forum:
re: References for Ahmadi General Trading LLC from UAE
Not only did we receive a PO from this guy,... Click here to read more
Posted 1244 Days Ago
OLYMPUS TJF-160F Duodenoscope
Just posted a OLYMPUS TJF-160F Duodenoscope on DOTmed https://www.dotmed.com/listing/duodenoscope/olympus/tjf-160f/2666312... Click here to read more
Posted 1245 Days Ago
OLYMPUS TJF-160F Duodenoscope
Just posted a OLYMPUS TJF-160F Duodenoscope on DOTmed https://www.dotmed.com/listing/duodenoscope/olympus/tjf-160f/2666082... Click here to read more
Posted 1245 Days Ago
OLYMPUS BF-160 Bronchoscope
Just posted a OLYMPUS BF-160 Bronchoscope on DOTmed https://www.dotmed.com/listing/bronchoscope/olympus/bf-160/2666049... Click here to read more
Posted 1414 Days Ago
OLYMPUS 100 / 140 /160 Empty Endoscope Case
Just posted a OLYMPUS 100 / 140 /160 Empty Case on DOTmed https://www.dotmed.com/listing/endoscopy-general/olympus/100-140-160/empty-case/2469217... Click here to read more
Posted 1596 Days Ago
PENTAX EG-2901 Gastroscope
Just posted a PENTAX EG-2901 Gastroscope on DOTmed https://www.dotmed.com/listing/gastroscope/pentax/eg-2901/2383283... Click here to read more
Posted 1596 Days Ago
OLYMPUS LF-1 Intubation Scope
Just posted a OLYMPUS LF-1 Intubation Scope on DOTmed https://www.dotmed.com/listing/intubation-scope/olympus/lf-1/2383273... Click here to read more
Posted 1736 Days Ago
OLYMPUS CV-190/CLV-190 Combo
Just posted a OLYMPUS CV-190/CLV-190 Olympus EVIS EXERA III (190 Series) System Processor & Light Source on DOTmed https://www.dotmed.com/listing/video-endoscopy/olympus/cv-190-clv-190/olympus-evis-exera-iii-(190-series)-system-processor-&-light-source/2312690... Click here to read more
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