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Anamika Medical

Anamika Medical

Mudi Ramesh, President
DOTmed user prior to August 2001

66 Sixth Avenue
Holtsville, NY 11742 USA

Phone: +1 (631) 289-7333

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About Us

Dealer of used / refurbished diagnostic medical equipment in operation since 2002. DOTMed user since 2001. Existing customers are located all over the world.

Equipment Categories


C-Arm Table
Chest X-Ray
Chiropractic Diagnostics
Chiropractic X-ray
CT Scanner
Digital Storage Device
Mammo Unit
MRI Scanner
Portable X-Ray
Rad/Fluoro Room
Rad Room
Rad/Tomo Room
Telemedicine System
X-Ray Generator


Parts, New, Used and Rebuilt
Pre-Owned Equip Remarketer

Anamika Medical Gold Parts Vendor Mini Profile

We are an established reseller of used and refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment. We sell parts for GE portable x-rays, GE Radiographic and R/F systems and OEC C-Arm systems as well.

Standard Warranty Terms:
30 days

Standard Return Policy:
Returns of non-detective parts accepted within 30 days of sale with a 30% restocking fee.

Years In Business: 8

Percentage Of Revenue That Parts Account For: 20%

Restocking Fee: 30

Warehouse Size in Sq. Ft.: 1,500

Number of Parts Stocked: 500


  1. GE portable x-rays, GE Radiographic and R/F systems, OEC C-Arms and Bennett and Continental Radiographic systems

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