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medical equipment needed to provide services to poor people


Paulina Tetteh

medical equipment needed to provide services to poor people

September 27, 2016 09:16

Dear Sir/Madam
My name is Paulina Tetteh, am a young optometry (eye doctor) who lives in
A small town called Agogo in the eastern part of Ghana ,my passion is to
Make awareness, education and do free eye screening for the poor people
In rural areas across the country, especially children, disable people, and
Young people, the reason why am sending this is, they are our future leaders
But due to poverty majority of them are going blind, because there is no eye clinic
In small towns and villages. I have plan to have a small eye clinic in the town by offering
Services to the poor people who cannot afford to travel to city to check their eye
And also to get some of my optometry friends on board to do free eye screening
In remote villages both with limited or full transport infrastructure across the nation, i need
Your help by optometry equipments donations, such as, Auto-refractor, slit lamp,
Laser machine, trail case, Phoropter, digital refractor, ophthalmoscope, fundus camera, eye drops
Spectacle frames, ect , i will pay for the transportation/shipping , may the good Lord bless you for your donation, you can contact me on,

Mobile- +233540103629
Whatsapp- +233242776967

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