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Kwabena Gyan


July 21, 2016 03:54

Hello James,

am Kwabena Djan,CEO of non profit organization (special sight optical services ) Available statistics at the Ghana Eye Foundation (GEF) indicates that 200,000 Ghanaians are completely blind while 600,000 others are visually impaired from causes, 75 per cent of which were avoidable.

This was contained in a GEF concept paper released at the official launch of GEF and the swearing in ceremony of its Board of Trustees in Accra.

The GEF Concept paper noted that cataract, glaucoma, trachoma, childhood blindness, refractive errors and low visions as well as diabetes and sickle cell retinopathy accounted for the visual challenge facing the country."Cataract tops the causes of blindness with 100,000, glaucoma, 30,000, trachoma, 6,000, childhood blindness, 8,000, refractive errors and low vision, 10,000 diabetes and sickle cell retinopathy, 6,000," it said. It noted that every year 20,000 people became blind in both eyes from cataract and an additional 4,000 people becoming blind in one eye due to the same causes, saying it occurred mostly in persons over age 65 years. In Ghana, eye health financing remains a big problem. There is never sufficient funding for equipment,due to poverty 75% of children are going blind and 65% adults,we (special sight optical services ) are doing door to door free eye screening program in all rural areas in Ghana for the poor and needy,we need your help by helping us with optometrist equipment like auto-refractors,slit lamps,trail frames and lens ,frames etc, May the good Lord bless you for helping someone to see again

Special sight optical services

F513/4 osu accra

Accra Ghana

Tel; +233200599692

Email. specialsightoptical@gmail.com

Whatsapp; +233242776967

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