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AEROLASE LightPod Era Laser - Diode

New fractional ablative laser technology enables full area ablation of specific indications while leaving the surrounding skin intact. Faster healing and tailored treatment for each patient's anti-aging needs in a single treatment as compared to multiple treatments from other technologies. Precisely...


AEROLASE LightPod Neo Laser - Diode

The LightPod Neo 650┬Ásec 1064nm laser is a new advancement in laser medicine that enables comfortable, anesthetic-free and gel-free treatment of all skin types for the full range of aesthetic and medical conditions including hair reduction, skin rejuvenation and tightening, veins, rosacea, pigmentat...


AEROLASE LightPod V650 Laser - Diode

V650's patented 650┬Ásec is more powerful than KTP and more gentle than PDL, the previous gold standards for treating vascular conditions. Due to uniquely high power in a gentle pulse duration, vascular treatments can now be performed without the pain, side effects such as purpura and without the adv...


BIOLASE EPIC 10 Laser - Diode

The 940nm 10 Watt Epic 10 diode laser features the BIOLASE exclusive ComfortPulse that reduces laser pulse length to as little as 0.00001sec. to avoid pain-inducing heat build-up at the surgical site. A graphical touchscreen put 15 soft tissue procedures, plus a 20-minute full mouth whitening opti...


BIOLASE iLase Wireless Laser - Diode

iLase is the first dental laser that works without wires or external controls. Handheld and ergonomic, it fits right on a tray with your other instruments. iLase™ enables dentists and hygienists to provide many dental treatments - from crown impressions, oral surgery, and cosmetic dentistry to hygie...


BIOLASE Waterlase iPlus Laser - Diode

Known for virtually painless "no shot, no drill" cavity preparations, the iPlus works faster than the drill, without the delay of anesthetic. The iPlus intuitive graphical user interface is pre-programmed with settings for six procedure types, 16 procedures and 53 procedure steps, covering the vast ...


BIOLITEC ELVeS 1470 Laser - Diode

This patent pending 1470nm Diode Laser features patent pending Radial laser Fiber -- "The Gentle Standard for Endovenous Therapies." This is the only endovenous laser procedure the offers maximum patient comfort and virtually no post-operative pain, bruising, or discomfort. Try ELVeS and you won't ...


BIOLITEC EVOLVE 200W Laser - Diode

biolitec® introduces the EVOLVE® Dual Laser and Twister™ fibers. This compact but effective dual wavelength laser machine, in combination with the Twister™ fiber, can vaporize and remove the obstructing prostate tissue that causes the symptoms of BPH. It can eliminate the obstruction with virtually...


B&W TEK BWF5 Laser - Diode

The BWF5 portable high power diode laser is designed for applications requiring easy operation and fiber delivered, high output power at specified wavelengths. The innovative fiber calibration port design allows use of a variety of fibers and provides well regulated, optimum output power. It is the...