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For its time, this was considered a "portable" argon laser, weighing less than 80 lbs. However since their release in the 90s, they have since aged quite a bit and are much more re... MORE

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B&W TEK BWF5 Surgical Laser

The BWF5 portable high power diode laser is designed for applications requiring easy operation and fiber delivered, high output power at specified wavelengths. The innovative fiber calibration port design allows use of a variety of fibers and provides well regulated, optimum output power. It is the...



The CoolTouch CTEV 1320nm laser for endovenous ablation of varicose veins is available in both a 10 and 15 watt system. The laser system includes automatic pullback device for even energy delivery and a variety of cost effective fiber options including single use, reusable and 2.5F for tortuous vein...


DORNIER MEDTECH Medilas D MultiBeam Surgical Laser

The Dornier Medilas D MultiBeam is a 80 watt continuous diode laser with a 940 nm wavelength. The use of Diode Power Bar technology and 940 nm wavelength make it ideal for endovenous laser treatment for varicose veins and a variety of surgical applications where lower power is effective. Unique safe...


DORNIER MEDTECH Medilas H 20 Surgical Laser

The Dornier Medilas H 20 is a holmium YAG laser especially designed for the treatment of stones and soft tissue, featuring 20 watts of power and 2.1 micron wavelength. Complemented by a variety of flexible lightguide fibers, virtually all stone locations are accessible in endoscopic applications....


DORNIER MEDTECH Medilias D Flexipulse Surgical Laser

The Dornier Medilas D FlexiPulse is a 120 watt (peak pressure) continuous diode laser with a 940 nm wavelength. State-of-the-art Power Bar technology and a 940 nm wavelength makes it ideal for endovenous laser treatment for varicose veins, superficial veins, ENT applications and other surgical appl...


FOTONA Dynamis Pro Surgical Laser

The new Dynamis Pro is the latest high performance, multi-modality system. It is the new work platform for your office. Perform proprietary 4D procedures to achieve fast enhanced results. With no down time options, your patients are your best marketing. Dynamis-VSP technology delivers impressive Pia...


GIGAA LASER Hplas200w Surgical Laser

GIGAALASER, after developing the HPLAS 980nm, combines the two parallel working wavelengths of 1470 nm and 980 nm to introduce a totally new product HPLAS2 for urology. HPLAS2 operates dual wavelengths of 1470 and 980 nanometers (nm) running in parallel with the maximum output of 150W or 200W, So...

  • Output power: 200W
  • Wavelength: 980nm+1470nm

LUMENIS AcuPulse Duo for ENT and GYN Surgical Laser

The AcuPulse™ DUO CO2 laser is a state-of-the-art system that uniquely combines Fiber and Free Beam laser technologies in a single device. Now surgeons can seamlessly alternate between these delivery modes to achieve superior clinical results. Durable, efficient CO2 fibers facilitate delivery of CO2...


LUMENIS Array LaserLinkPattern Scanning Laser Technology for Retina Surgical Laser

The Array® LaserLink™ is a technologically advanced laser delivery system that significantly enhances standard photocoagulation treatment by adding pattern scanning capabilities. The Array is compatible with all Lumenis photocoagulators and different laser wavelengths. With the Array, laser treatme...