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RadPro SM-40 HF-B

This unit is very reliable on the X-ray side, but not so much on the drive side. Made by Sedecal, and marketed by Virtual Imaging (Now owned by Canon), this unit would probably... MORE

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CANON RadPRO D2-50RF Digital RF System Rad/Fluoro Room

This three-in-one imaging solution provides dynamic digital fluoroscopy and radiography imaging capabilities for high volume facilities and can take up to 30 frames per second (fps) for fluoroscopy imaging. With the D2-50RF, a variety of examinations and procedures become routine. This cost-effectiv...

  • Table Height: 64 to 93 cm, 6 cm/s

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CANON RadPRO ELITE Overhead/Ceiling Mounted System Rad/Fluoro Room

This system features three separate radiographic configurations that allow for easy, efficient exams. Designed for high volume hospital imaging departments, this device is equipped with a high frequency generator, fourway float elevating table, chest unit and overhead X-ray support. Exams can be per...

  • Fixed Bucky: Yes
  • kVp Range: 40-150
  • Max Longitudinal: 186.45 inches (4765 mm)
  • Max Transverse: 91.57 inches (2351.5 mm)

DEL MEDICAL OTC12D Overhead Tube Crane Series Rad/Fluoro Room

The Del Medical OTC12D Systems are high quality overhead tube crane imaging suites offering complete exam versatility and reliability. Complimented by EV800 elevating table and 300 series standing or tilting wall stand, the OTC12D Systems are suited for the most demanding imaging environments. Si...

  • Power Requirements: 110/240 Vac. 50/60 Hz, 700 VA

GE Advantx Rad/Fluoro Room

16" image intensifier and overhead tube crane...


GE Advantx Legacy Rad/Fluoro Room

The GE Advantx Legacy R/F System is a simple, yet reliable fluoroscopic system with overhead tube, tilting table, spotfilm device, DRS Digital System, and bucky wallstand. This system includes phototiming, auto-collimation, and programmable APR's. Techniques and image receptors are selectable at the...


GE Discovery IGS 730 Rad/Fluoro Room

Rediscover space and movement. With GE Healthcare's newest Image Guided System, Discovery* IGS 730: Re-think the possibilities of high precision imagery with optimal in-room mobility. Re-invent the way you work. Do more - from complex interventional to surgical procedures - wi...


GE The Proteus XR/a Rad/Fluoro Room

This is a full-featured fixed radiography system designed to address almost any clinical need. With our DR Imaging Option, you can easily convert your Proteus XR/a analog system to digital, thanks to FlashPad, our nextgeneration wireless digital detector. Benefits include: convert to digital in a...

  • Frequency (Hz): 32, 50, 65 and 80 kW

PHILIPS DigitalDiagnost Digital Radiography System Rad/Fluoro Room

Create a premium DR room that suits the needs of the healthcare provider. Whether single, mobile or multi-detector set-ups, DigitalDiagnost solutions range from exceptional performance and flexible rooms right through to an emergency set-up - serving to enhance workflow, exam speed and comfort. By ...

  • LCD Display: 16.5cm (6.5")
  • Table Dimensions: 240 x 75 cm (7'10.5" x 29.5")

PHILIPS EasyDiagnost Eleva DRF Rad/Fluoro Room

EasyDiagnost Eleva DRF combines fluoroscopy with digital radiography technology, thereby improving workflow. This solution allows healthcare providers to customize digital radiography and fluoroscopy rooms from classic RF suites to cutting-edge bariatric DRF rooms. Its wireless portable detector...

  • Max patient weight: 180 kg (400 lbs)
  • Table Dimensions: (l x w): 2,000 mm x 690 mm (78.7' x 27.2')