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The Mindray M7 is an outstanding system A++

Beautiful machine with outstanding capabilities including 4d imaging. Great for mobile businesses as well as businesses who cover a wide range of services. Best system for quality ... MORE

The DP50 is an A+ system and great price!

The Mindray DP-50 is an easy to use, sophisticated system for private practice or clinical use. The Mindray DP50 Portable Black and White Ultrasound System features a 15” High reso... MORE

The GE Vivid S6 is a good system for the price

The GE Vivid S6 is a high performance Ultrasound system for Cardiovascular and Shared Services applications. It offers an innovative ergonomic design, superb Image Quality, state-o... MORE


This the best economy gel warmer with the greatest ease of use.... MORE

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MEDIWATCH Portascan+ Urology Ultrasound

A Truly Portable Real-Time Ultrasound Bladder Scanner Urologists, primary care physicians and nurses rely on accurate imaging of the bladder in order to determine the need for treatment. The Portascan+ has been designed for use by a variety of carers in a point-of-care environment where i...

  • Accuracy: 0-699ml +/- 10% +/- 20ml, 700-1500 ml +/- 7.5% +/- 25 ml
  • Battery Life: 3 hours
  • Connectivity: USB and Bluetooth®
  • Organ Volume: 0-1500 ml

MEIKE Palm Bladder Scanner V4.1 Urology Ultrasound

The Palm Bladder Scanner or PBS V4.1 is a handheld, non invasive device with 3-D Ultrasound technology. With the aid of our advanced features, it clearlyr differentiates between the ladder and Seated area. These Simple-to-use PBS devices measure bladder volume accurately, with ease and comfort. Feat...

  • Frequency (Hz): 2.6 MHz
  • Max Measurement: 999 ml
  • Scan Mode: male / female / PRV