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Enhanced Medical Services (EMS)

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Carl Tela, Consultant
DOTmed user since October 2006

769A Wesley Ave
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 USA
Phone: +1 (888) 781-4458 x517
Carl Tela, Consultant
Phone:+1 (888) 781-4458 x517
Alan Genovese, Manager
Phone:+1 (888) 781-4458 x517


The Optovue RTVue is an ultra-high speed, high resolution optical coherence tomography (OCT) retina scanner used for retina imaging and analysis. It is based on the next generation Fourier-Domain... view more

April 01  

ZEISS Stratus OCT OCT For Sale

“Exclusive Zeiss Factory Authorized” STRATUS OCT(tm) Optical Coherence Tomography The STRATUS OCT(tm) is a diagnostic imaging device that provides direct cross sectional images of the retina for... view more

April 01  


The iVue® spectral domain OCT is the most versatile system available today for RETINA, GLAUCOMA and ANTERIOR SEGMENT imaging. Manufactured by Optovue, iVue is a portable, affordable, easy-to-use and... view more

April 01  


The most comprehensive OCT, the RTVue Fourier-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography System. As the first Fourier/spectral-doman OCT system in the US, the RTVue FD-OCT set the standard for high-speed,... view more

April 01  

CARL ZEISS Cirrus 4000 HD OCT For Sale

“Exclusive Zeiss Factory Authorized” The Certified ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 4000 has advanced hardware and software that facilitate automated alignment and high patient through-put. An elegant user... view more

April 01  

RELIANCE 7800 Ophthalmology Chair and Stand For Sale

Reliance 7800 The Model 7800 is designed for functional and aesthetic compatibility with the Reliance Model 980, 7000, 6200 and 5200 examination chairs. Its sleek, contoured design allows maximum... view more

April 01  

TOPCON CT-80 Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

Topcon CT-80 The instrument has been redesigned to make intraocular pressure readings easier and more comfortable than ever before. With the aid of a new alignment bar and an improved air... view more

April 01  

HUMPHREY INSTRUMENTS Zeiss FDT Visual Field Analyzer For Sale

Humphrey Zeiss FDT (710) The Humphrey® FDT 710 Visual Field Instrument with patented Welch-Allyn frequency doubling technology provides the eye care professional with a rapid, clinically verified... view more

April 01  

REICHERT 70 Lensometer For Sale

Reichert Model 70 Lensometer After 30 years production this is the most trusted lensometer in the industry. Large axis and power drums for easy reading, sensitive target, precision marking... view more

April 01  

TOPCON KR 7000 Autorefractor For Sale

The Topcon KR 7000 Autorefractor Keratometer from EMS is completely cleaned and calibrated and in excellent condition. It is backed by EMS industry leading Warranty and Support. When buying... view more

April 01  

CARL ZEISS IOL Master A-Scan For Sale

“Exclusive Zeiss Factory Authorized” The ZEISS Certified Factory Authorized IOL Master Biometer is a non-contact optical device that measures the distance from the corneal vertex to the retinal... view more

April 01

Asking Price:
$15,500 USD


CANON RK-5 Autorefractor For Sale

Canon RK-5 The Canon RK-5 Autorefractor Keratometer combines refraction and keratometery readings in one compact, efficient unit with wide measurement range. The RK-5 can be utilized to document... view more

April 01  

MARCO 101 Lensometer For Sale

Marco Lensmeter 101 The Marco lensmeter, is well suited for measuring soft and hard contact lenses as well as conventional spectacle lenses. The Marco Lensmeter 101 is a compact deluxe model with... view more

April 01  

HUMPHREY INSTRUMENTS Zeiss 720 Visual Field Analyzer For Sale

Humphrey Zeiss 720 The Humphrey 720 Perimeter/Field Analyzer II utilizes a computerized silent projection system to examine the patients visual field. Testing is performed with eleven test... view more

April 01