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New policies and technologies shaping the cath lab of tomorrow.
Lauer discusses the 2014 Spring IDN Summit and Reverse Expo.
Automated breast density measurement technology adds critical dimension to the analysis of breast density beyond volume alone: identifying dense tissue in the breast that could mask cancer and taking into account dispersion of fibroglandular tissue.

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DOTmed Industry Reports

Each month, DOTmed profiles a medical equipment industry sector for DOTmed HealthCare Business News. These Industry Reports are reproduced here and you may read them by following the links below

Special report: Densitometry

Reeling from reimbursement cuts, the modality may have a new cash cow.

Special report: Competition heats up for parts providers

So what's in it for you?

Special report: Cosmetic lasers sector takes a hit

Are online discounts ruining the cosmetic laser market?

Special report: Surgical lasers

New laser technology might be a game changer for epilepsy treatment.

Special report: The end of traditional mammography?

New debates around mammography screening may shake up the market.

Special report: Ultrasound

The technology is in the midst of a perfect storm.

Special report: Will molecular imaging deliver on its promises?

Breakthroughs and challenges in the industry.

Biomed test equipment becomes portable, less pricey

New challenges are revolutionizing biomed test equipment.

Special report: Infusion pumps

Infusion pump integration with EHR provides healthier returns.

Reinventing patient monitors

Are smartphones the future of patient monitors?

AED manufacturers get regulatory jolt

It may it soon be harder and costlier to bring devices to market.

Special report: C-arms swing into new roles

From outpatient facilities to hybrid ORs, C-arms are helping move health care into a new era.

Contrast, injectors and the total cost of ownership

5 tips from the experts

What to consider when buying a cath lab

6 tips from the experts

Special report: Endoscopy, beyond the cutting edge

Numerous factors will contribute to the sector's growth in coming years.

Special report: Hybrid ORs

Despite increasing adoption, these high-tech rooms may be out of reach for many hospitals.

Special report: CR and DR battle updates

The reports of CR’s end remain greatly exaggerated.

Special report: 2013 portable X-ray market

Market shakeups may allow more facilities to carry the latest technology.

Special report: PACS/RIS is ready for a revolution

Can PACS bring departments and health care systems together as its own future remains unclear?

Special Report: New technology helps patients rest easy

Hospital bed manufacturers tackle safety and comfort concerns.

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