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CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge
CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge

CENTRIFUGE Eclipse Easy Spin PRP Centrifuge

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  • Location: CO, USA
  • Model: Eclipse Easy Spin PRP
  • Type: Centrifuge
  • Display Type : LED
  • Fixed Speed Rpm: 3200
  • Max Tubes : 6
  • Rotor: Fixed
  • Rotor Angle: Fixed
  • Warranty: N/A
This is a lightly used, Eclipse Easy Spin, fixed-angle PRP Centrifuge. Purchased in June 2021, this centrifuge is only compatible with Eclipse brand PRP tubes to the best of our knowledge. We cannot verify whether or not other tubes work with this centrifuge; so please, ensure that you understand this prior to buying.

All the original parts and accessories are included with the purchase (x8 centrifuge tube holders, inserts and lids, 11ml balance tube and 22ml balance tube, AC adapter/plug, and Eclipse branded PRP tube holder/display. The black holders/lids fit the 22ml tubes, the white inserts allow you to safely spin the smaller, 11ml tubes.

There is no instruction guide/manual included. We received training/instruction both online and in-person after purchase. Please contact the company for usage instructions, or you may be able to find the usage instructions online as well; we are not 100% sure on that. Use is fairly simple; 3200rpm spin for 10 minutes is what we have used for all PRP tubes.

We used this for 1 year only, we no longer use Eclipse brand PRP, which is why we are selling. At the time of this listing, the device works perfectly with no known issues.
The centrifuge is currently pre-set for 3200 RPM and a 10-minute spin.

Please note in the pictures, there is a round scratch on the inner hood/top of the centrifuge due to one of the tube holder lids coming loose and rubbing during a spin (user error). One of the tube holder lids as such, also has a scratch defect in it, but it has not otherwise, affected performance in any way.
Other than the cosmetic issues, we know of no other defects or product concerns.

One of the pictures shows an Eclipse 22ml PRP Kit for reference, however, no tubes or kits are included. This listing is for the device and parts/accessories previously mentioned only.
Our original purchase invoice is pictured as well just so you know we bought this vendor direct in June of 2021. Our invoice is not included with the purchase. No warranties are expressed, implied or included.

Please if you have any questions, ask us before bidding or buying.

** No returns accepted as this is a used item and is being sold as such.
Please ensure that this is the item you want before purchasing. And again, feel free to ask any questions prior to buying.
The equipment is operational, but not in clinical use.


The equipment will be available immediately upon receipt of cleared payment in full.
Pickup, delivery or shipping will be available within 5 business days of receiving full, cleared payment.


You are free to inspect this equipment but if you want to inspect the equipment please do so before you bid. If you would like to arrange to inspect this equipment click on "Email Seller" above.

The equipment is located in Littleton (Denver), Colorado.


The Successful Bidder agrees to remit payment in full within 48 hours of the Auction's close. The item will be ready for pickup, shipping or delivery once full, cleared payment is received.
Payment is expected to be by cash, cashier's check or direct wire (bank) transfer only. No personal checks or credit cards will be accepted.

If the Successful Bidder fails to remit payment according to the schedule described above, then the equipment will be sold to the next highest Bidder.

Deinstallation, Packing, Crating and Transportation will be paid for by the Successful Bidder. Pickup or delivery may also be arranged/negotiated, depending on buyer's location.

This item does not come with a title. A purchase invoice will be provided as proof of purchase/ownership.


This equipment is offered in accordance with the "Auction Terms" and "Legal Notice" of www.dotmed.com. No warranty is expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. All equipment is sold "as is" and "where is".
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