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1) FDA says goodbye PACS, hello MIMPS

Regulatory classification now refers to 'medical image management and processing systems'

2) FTC report finds scant evidence to support manufacturer justification for repair restrictions

A look inside the report and its key findings as they relate to medical devices

3) Fujifilm to continue investing heavily in healthcare through 2023

$11 billion 'Vision 2023' plan follows acquisition of Hitachi's imaging business


People on the Move

Eon appoints first chief medical officer

CereHealth Corporation names CEO


Society of Interventional Radiology awards gold medal to radiology professor

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia appoints new executive vice president and chief financial officer

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Daily News

CMS warns hospitals they must disclose prices of care to consumers
Around two-thirds of the largest U.S. providers have not complied with the hospital price transparency final rule
Business Affairs Insurance U.S. Healthcare
Leverage Digital Health to provide virtual, predictive, preventative care

At Reuters Events: Digital Health 2021 (Virtual, June 16-17) 100s of Healthcare leaders collaborate on new models of accessible healthcare. Click to learn more

Walmart to acquire telehealth provider MeMD
Will offer customers nationwide access to virtual urgent, behavioral and primary care
Business Affairs Health IT Telemedicine
National Imaging Solutions acquires DynaRad
Obtains range of portable X-ray systems, including Micro-X Rover with nanotube tech
Business Affairs X-Ray
FTC report finds scant evidence to support manufacturer justification for repair restrictions
A look inside the report and its key findings as they relate to medical devices
Parts And Service U.S. Healthcare
Seven ways to rethink and reboot healthcare in the UK
LSE-Lancet commission proposes solutions to strengthen NHS and UK healthcare
Business Affairs European News
Siemens unveils its fastest, single-source CT scanner, Somatom X.ceed
Somatom X.ceed is designed to simplify procedures in challenging clinical areas
CT X-Ray
AAMI Product Showcase
Just some of the products and services that will be on display during the virtual 2021 AAMI Exchange
Can mobile apps help us reach ‘supply Nirvana’?
Lack of inventory management training is one of the major sources of supply chain inefficiency
Lean management decreases CT acquisition length, saves on exam time
Lean management is designed to improve quality and profitability of company production processes
CT Emergency Medicine U.S. Healthcare X-Ray
HTM and the changing face of technology
The department continues to expand beyond equipment maintenance and into other areas
Q Bio launches digital twin platform, raises funds for scanner development
Shows anatomical and biochemical changes in a patient's health in real time, in a scalable virtual model
Primary Care
ACR, SPR ask Anthem to cover hospital-based imaging for children, 10 and above
Anthem is trying to steer older pediatric patients to freestanding imaging options
Insurance Pediatrics U.S. Healthcare
Building new workflows with imaging informatics
As silos come down and imaging reaches across the enterprise, make sure you’ve got the right leaders at the table
Health IT X-Ray
Walgreens unveils mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinics in Chicago
Will launch additional ones across the country over the next two months
U.S. Healthcare
Imaging bone fragments suggests higher cancer rate in medieval England than commonly thought
Researchers estimate 9% to 14% of adults in medieval England had cancer at the time of death
CT X-Ray
Infusion pumps — a challenging technology or a technology challenge?
Learning about past problems and becoming familiar with common usage errors are essential
Infusion Pumps
GE Healthcare acquires Zionexa
Will scale distribution of its tracer, Cerianna, to at least 75% of relevant patients by 2023
Business Affairs Molecular Imaging
US health system M&A activity shows no signs of slowing: Moody report
Large health systems look to scale up and expand geographic footprint, smaller hospitals look to stay financially stable during pandemic
Business Affairs U.S. Healthcare
7 Tesla MR reveals potential biomarker for early Alzheimer's detection
Shows deficiencies in consumption and reserve of energy metabolism in the brain
Alzheimers/Neurology MRI
Weekend cyberattack continues to keep Scripps Health offline
Not specified which systems were affected or how the attack occurred
Cyber Security Health IT U.S. Healthcare

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Testing equipment gets user friendly

More and more, testing devices are resembling consumer electronics, with touch screen displays, smart automation and scalability

Patient monitors evolve during pandemic

A look around at the latest solutions entering the market, and how COVID-19 has impacted their evolution

Building new workflows with imaging informatics

As silos come down and imaging reaches across the enterprise, make sure you’ve got the right leaders at the table

Training the HTM workforce of tomorrow

As many older clinical engineers and BMETs near retirement, work is underway to prepare the next generation


Lessons learned from COVID-19: Three priorities for where we go next in healthcare

Insights from Peter Ziese, head of clinical innovation and strategy at Philips

The role of AI and the radiologist in achieving optimal breast positioning for cancer detection

Mary Beth Chalk and Dr. Randy Hicks share insights from the recent SBI/American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Symposium

Five Minutes in Healthcare - featuring Jim Maslowski

Video The Jacobus Report

Engaging patients where they are during COVID-19

Insights from John Talaga, executive vice president for healthcare at Flywire

Press Room

Philips introduces integrated interventional hemodynamic system with Patient Monitor IntelliVue X3
May 14, 2021
CarolinaEast Health System signs affiliation agreement with UNC Health
May 14, 2021
New survey identifies opportunity to improve shared decision making between cardiologists and heart valve disease patients
May 14, 2021
Urban hospitals bounced back faster than rural hospitals from surgical caseload decrease in 2020
May 14, 2021
ZAP Surgical and Swiss Neuro Radiosurgery Center announce imminent installation of new gyroscopic radiosurgery platform
May 14, 2021
Citing lack of progress, physicians call on Congress to address prior authorization reform
May 14, 2021
Covid-19 alters gray matter volume in the brain, new study finds
May 13, 2021
Innovative MedTech business models will enable cost-effective, decentralized and patient-centric care
May 13, 2021
HCA Healthcare to sell north Georgia hospital to AdventHealth
May 13, 2021
Kaiser Permanente cancer survival rate higher among insured
May 13, 2021