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Artificial Intelligence

Radiologists at RSNA 2020 stand to benefit from evolving AI ecosystems
Intel, GE Healthcare, Nvidia, and others partner with third-party providers to create AI-enabled solutions
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Gates Foundation funds Caption Health's AI-guided ultrasound system
Aims to help non-specialists assess lung abnormalities
Canon taps Avicenna.AI for stroke care partnership
Head triage solution identifies intracranial hemorrhages and large vessel occlusions
Where imaging AI is headed, and the best way to get there
Progress... and a word of caution for weak algorithms and inadequate data sets
Imaging informatics experts offer checklist for entering the AI marketplace
Also offer tips for figuring out the right technology for their needs
iCAD's ProFound AI solution now part of Change Healthcare's Mammography Plus software
ProFound AI to enhance workflow for mammography and DBT readings
Deep learning approach in conventional CT yields spectral images
Can provide information on composition of tissues
Researchers critique Google Health mammo AI findings for lack of transparency
Concerns over data privacy lead to fewer details for validating algorithms
Xilinx, Spline.AI unveil X-ray classification deep learning model
Can help in developing artificial intelligence applications for radiology
Lunit AI algorithm detects lung cancer on chest X-rays better than radiologists
Showed higher sensitivity than radiologists in finding malignant pulmonary nodules
Imbio joins with Genentech on quantitative imaging diagnostics for lung disease
Will build and deploy imaging AI technology and imaging biomarkers
Algorithm flags 'uninformative' images that won't support diagnosis, AI training
UDC targets poor-quality scans to prevent them from compromising larger datasets
GE Healthcare unveils AI-enhanced ultrasound system for women's health
Voluson SWIFT is designed to reduce physician burnout with auto recognition capabilities
AI algorithm distinguishes COVID-19 pneumonia in chest X-ray from other abnormalities
Increases value of X-ray despite low sensitivity and specificity
Siemens enters 10-year partnership with North Carolina health system
Will bring robotics and advanced imaging to WakeMed Health & Hospitals
AI-based clinical applications for medical imaging to be worth $1.5 billion in 2024
Signify Research anticipates market boost when pandemic subsides
AI predictive analytics could reduce MR appointment no-shows
Improving radiology workflow and quality of care