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Philips and VUMC partner to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and total cost of scanner ownership
The healthcare industry contributes 7.6% of U.S. and 4.4% of global CO2 emissions
Project to improve patient monitoring in the ICU has promising initial results

Preliminary analysis has shown a decrease in number of portable chest x-rays and chest CTs for ICU patients

The digital transformation and 'dematerialization' of ultrasound
Q&A with Claude Cohen-Bacrie, founder, president and CEO of E-Scopics
Mako by RTI Group
Mako - a meter and a milestone
Product Showcase Sponsored
iCardio.ai to deploy ultrasound software on Butterfly's AI marketplace
Facilitates development and use of third-party tools among over 100,000 providers
Top trends impacting the ultrasound market
Analysis from the experts at Signify Research
Humana to cover MR-guided focused ultrasound for essential tremor
Fifth private insurer in the U.S. to cover treatment
World ultrasound market to return to growth in 2023
A region by region analysis from Signify Research
GE HealthCare gets $44 million to develop AI-assisted ultrasound applications
Gates Foundation grant will be used in maternal, fetal, and pediatric lung care
Mayo Clinic and GE HealthCare seek to make imaging and theranostics more accessible
Through R&D, the organizations will target cost-effective innovation
Mindray unveils handheld ultrasound system with multidevice connectivity
TE Air brings AI-powered smart tools to emergency and critical care locations
New laser-based tech takes the skin contact out of ultrasound imaging
Has potential to reduce variability and distortions from use of probes
Anticipating higher utilization, demand for ultrasound among rad departments rising: IMV survey
Procedure volumes shifting from other medical imaging modalities
Butterfly Network to launch third party AI marketplace for custom applications
Rolling out software development kit to nurture ultrasound innovation
MediView XR granted clearance for XR 90 augmented reality platform
Overcomes limitations of 2D flat-panel monitors
Clarius and Usono unveil wireless ultrasound scanner for assessing patients in motion
First-of-its-kind for sports medicine and rehabilitation
UMC Utrecht nabs $1.6 million funding for cancer treatment research
Research will focus on MR-guided radiotherapy, ultrasound
Addressing radiology's carbon footprint from the inside out
Researchers share energy-saving strategies and call for decreasing unnecessary scans

Feature Stories

Assessing advances in cardiac ultrasound

How telemedicine, AI and POCUS technology is paving the way to better outcomes

Imaging heart disease in the era of COVID-19

The value of cardiac ultrasound has increased amid the pandemic

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound utilization on the rise

CEUS offers many unique advantages over other imaging modalities, particularly for pediatric patients

Rethinking OB/GYN ultrasound amid the COVID-19 pandemic

As COVID-19 keeps most patients at home, antenatal care providers have had to change the way they work

The pediatric benefits of contrast enhanced ultrasound

Experts discuss the pros and cons of a valuable tool in the pediatric imaging tool kit