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Molecular Imaging

Digirad to sell DMS Health for over $18 million
DMS Health Technologies provides contract diagnostic imaging through a mobile service
Discounted deals on medical imaging not the safest bet, says new study
Groupons do not include information on risks associated with scans
Fluciclovine PET tracer improves recurrent prostate cancer treatment planning
Resulted in better disease-free survival than conventional imaging
ASTRO research demonstrates high-risk prostate cancer management with PSMA PET/CT
PSMA PET/CT has more sensitivity and specificity than conventional imaging
BWXT and Ontario Power Generation report 'tremendous progress' toward Mo-99 production
Darlington Nuclear Generating Station to become first large-scale nuclear station to produce molybdenum-99
PET and MR imaging reveal two different forms of Parkinson's disease
One form starts in brain, the other in the intestines
PET/MR boosts lesion detection, reduces radiation exposure in cancer imaging
May enable fast, efficient local and whole-body staging in one step
RadioMedix and Curium announce FDA approval of PET agent for neuroendocrine tumors
A copper Cu 64 dotatate injection with a 12.7-hour half-life
Mirion Technologies acquires Biodex Medical Systems
Deal will enhance Mirion's existing portfolio of radiation safety solutions
RLS acquires GE Healthcare's radiopharmacy network
Makes RLS the largest pure molecular imaging focused firm
As COVID-19 hampers radioisotope supply chain, Australia charters delivery flights
ANSTO invests over $250,000 into ensuring nuclear medicine agents are reaching patients
Personalizing radiation dosage with just a single, nuclear scan
May tailor treatments based on an individual’s physiology
Landmark study finds Alzheimer's PET scans may not yield significant cost savings
Failure to reduce hospitalizations by 10% may hurt chances for Medicare coverage
New, easily-produced theranostic agents effective for prostate cancer
A Phase 1 imaging-based clinical trial for the agents is being planned
Shared Medical Services deploys first mobile digital PET/CT systems in US
Bringing advanced cancer detection technology to rural communities
Private radiologists struggling to stay afloat amid COVID-19
Seeing 40% – 90% decreases in examination volumes