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Molecular Imaging

Canadian nuclear power station on track to begin Mo-99 production
Laurentis Energy Partners and BWXT Medical complete installation, commissioning of Darlington isotope system
Welsh government seeks to build nuclear medicine facility in North West Wales
Will produce medical radioisotopes for 60 to 70 years
BWXT Medical to supply Fusion Pharmaceuticals with Ac-225 for targeted alpha therapies
Few suppliers can produce substantial amount of high-purity actinium
GE HealthCare shares precision care strategy with investors
Expects mid- to single-digital organic revenue growth over midterm
NorthStar completes Wisconsin facility for producing Mo-99 without highly enriched uranium
Once operational, company expects to meet 40% of domestic Mo-99 demand
Wisconsin's Cyclotron Research Group creates four new isotope production lines
Increasing supplies of Manganese-52g, Bromine-76, Bromine-77, and Yttrium-86
Projected restart date for Belgium's Mo-99 reactor set for November 17
Mechanical failure at BR2 pushed back initial restart date
Mechanical failure at Belgian reactor exacerbates Mo-99 shortage
One of five reactors used to produce Mo-99 worldwide
GE Healthcare unveils its first all-digital PET/CT scanner
Has two times the sensitivity of prior digital scanners
TTG Imaging Solutions acquires Acceletronics and RadParts
Expands footprint in linear accelerator market
Mayo Clinic first in North America to install Siemens Biograph Vision Quadra PET/CT system
Can image from top of head to legs simultaneously, at reduced doses

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