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Rad Oncology

Advanced Oncotherapy to unveil world's first proton linac in 2023
Delivers focused beam of 70 to 230 MeV to deep-seated tumors
B dot Medical to install ultra-compact proton therapy system in Tokyo
Ultra-compact design can fit into limited spaces
Ohio cancer center adds MRIdian to adapt radiotherapy plans in real time
First research and teaching hospital in Ohio to use the ViewRay technology
Global network of oncology societies to take aim at worldwide cancer care inequality
Over 70% of cancer deaths occur in countries receiving only 5% of oncology spending
IBA and RaySearch partner on ten new proton therapy facilities in Spain
Construction deal worth $229 million, maintenance expenses to be negotiated at a later date
CERN designing FLASH particle accelerator for hard-to-reach tumors
In partnership with Swiss hospital, new model could be 'game changer'
Northwestern Medicine performs Illinois' first successful 'heart in a box' transplant
The procedure relied on the TransMedics Organ Care System
Researchers to develop MR-guided robotic heart procedure technology
Case Western team received $3.7 million NIH grant
FDA gives Elekta green light for its Esprit Leksell Gamma Knife system
The latest generation of Gamma Knife technology
First-in-human study shows potential for FLASH proton therapy
Proved to be as safe and effective as conventional radiation therapy
Mevion launches compact proton system that fits inside a linac vault
S250-FIT is poised to help bring down the cost of proton construction
October is Liver Cancer Awareness Month – Here’s what you need to know
Insights from Justin Chen Li, CEO of Helio Genomics
Italy places €50 million order for 37 Elekta Versa HD linacs
Installations to be completed in fiscal years 2023/2024 and 2024/2025

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