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Proton Therapy

KT Corporation and Samsung Medical center to construct 5G smart hospital
Developed a 5G-powered network to provide medical services
UPenn researchers perform proton flash therapy in clinical setting for first time
Demonstrates that existing accelerators can administer flash treatment
Researchers look at 1,500 outcomes to confirm benefits of proton over radiation therapy
First large review of data across several different forms of cancer
Hitachi and Mayo Clinic to build first carbon ion treatment facility in US
Developing 'extensive scientific research and working toward obtaining FDA approval'
Studies show potential of proton therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma
Extension of overall survival, identification of predictors of RILD
Cancer Research UK to create global hub for radiotherapy
Putting £56 million toward AI and advanced techniques such as FLASH therapy
Provision Healthcare to open new proton therapy center in Kansas
Three-room treatment center will be equipped with ProNova technology
Ohio proton center to conduct flash therapy trials upon opening
Will conduct preclinical and possibly clinical trials on safety and efficacy of flash
The top five takeaways from ASTRO 2019
Artificial intelligence is finally making itself seen in radiation oncology
What's new in radiation and proton therapy
A look around the industry at the latest technology entering the market
Future of radiotherapy: Efficiency and accessibility
Insights from Dr. Deepak “Dee” Khuntia, senior vice president and chief medical officer at Varian Medical Systems
New York Proton Center treats first patients
Projected to treat approximately 1,400 patients annually
Looking toward a future with flash therapy
Researchers discuss what the cutting edge technique could mean for the future of cancer care
MD Anderson to expand proton therapy center with $159 million project
Increases accessibility to higher number of patients
MedAustron delivers first bout of carbon ion therapy on patient
Sixth center in the world to offer treatment
MedAustron to add health IT to proton and carbon ion treatment facilities
Orders more than $13 million worth of RaySearch systems

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