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New pediatric CT guidelines cut imaging in half
Researchers adapt existing guidelines for head, neck and abdomen/pelvis, and develop new ones for the chest
Will photon-counting CT replace conventional CT?
Experts weigh new capabilities against hamstrung provider finances
Scottish researchers to image tissue characteristics with NeuroLogica's photon counting CT
Decreases pixel size for better visualization of minute details
Mayo Clinic's new partnership targets augmented reality for surgical navigation
MediView XR facilitates 3D 'X-ray' vision through the skin
Low screening rates deter US cancer detection rate, raises risk of late-stage diagnoses
No screening tests exist for 57% of all diagnosed cancers
Top 10 CT stories of the year
Recapping our most-read articles of 2022
GE HealthCare shares precision care strategy with investors
Expects mid- to single-digital organic revenue growth over midterm
United Imaging debuts 160-slice uCT ATLAS 4CM scanner at RSNA
Leverages same AI tech as 640-slice uCT ATLAS
CT scan rates increase in hotter weather, researchers say at RSNA
Findings could pave way for providers to forecast scan rates
Canon plans $300 million US market subsidiary, Canon Healthcare USA
Considering Cleveland area as potential home base
Photon-counting CT shows more post-COVID-19 lung damage than conventional CT
May be better at detecting subtle abnormalities indicative of early-stage fibrosis
Just over 5% of eligible US patients undergo lung cancer screenings
California was lowest at 1%, while Massachusetts ranked highest at 16.3%
GE Healthcare to expand contrast media production via $80 million investment
Aims to produce 30 million more doses annually by 2025
Imaging in emergency department rises when patients are seen by nonphysician practitioners
Rose 5.3% among Medicare beneficiaries between 2005 and 2020: study
Treatments, not neuroimaging, cause of price hikes in ischemic stroke care
Costs per episode rose 4.9% between 2012 and 2019

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