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Health IT

Project to improve patient monitoring in the ICU has promising initial results

Preliminary analysis has shown a decrease in number of portable chest x-rays and chest CTs for ICU patients

Barco adds DeepLook AI to its displays for dense breast visualization
DL Precise will be an add-on to the existing Intuitive Workflow software tool set
OmegaAI-World's Fastest Zero Footprint Viewer
Product Showcase Sponsored
NYU Langone Health to create real-time interoperability among departments with Philips technology
Will make more personalized and faster diagnostic and treatment decisions
GE HealthCare launches remote patient scanning solution for MR imaging
Also entered agreement for vendor-agnostic, multimodality remote scanning solution
US Radiology Specialists to pay New York State $450,000 for failing to prevent ransomware attack
Patient data for 198,000 was stolen, including 92,000 New Yorkers
GE HealthCare, Sectra to integrate applications on single platform
Will facilitate faster decisions with fewer clinician workloads
Sirona Medical integrates with Starlink from SpaceX for internet connectivity
Increasing access to cloud-native radiology workflow solution
EHRs and broken promises shouldn’t go hand in hand
A disruptive 'system-as-a-service' philosophy breaks away from the status quo
Siemens Healthineers inks $84 million equipment deal with German hospital
Will provide over 1,000 different test methods and analysis options to new laboratory center
What will it take to usher in a digital twin era in healthcare?
Exploring the challenges and possibilities of revolutionizing medicine
UnitedHealth Group gets UK regulatory nod to proceed with $1.52 billion EMIS acquisition
Follows a two-phase investigation into competition concerns
The elephant in the room: Meeting three challenges where EHRs wane
Insights from Matt Duffy, chief product officer at Lumeon
Exchanging healthcare information safely and efficiently
Q&A with William Cavanaugh, president of Concord Technologies
How patient engagement solutions improve outcomes and transitions of care
Insights from Dr. Will O’Connor, chief medical information officer at TigerConnect

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What will it take to usher in a digital twin era in healthcare?

Exploring the challenges and possibilities of revolutionizing medicine

The server has been infected with ransomware — now what?

Provider best practices for mitigating the threat of ransomware

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As technological capabilities evolve, so do organizational expectations

Assessing the next generation of imaging IT

The radiology IT of tomorrow, and the current trends that will get us there

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