Treatments, not neuroimaging, cause of price hikes in ischemic stroke care
Costs per episode rose 4.9% between 2012 and 2019
Jury finds radiologist and ER physician liable for 'locked-in' syndrome suffered by stroke patient
Ordered to pay $75 million for medical expenses and non-economic damages
TechGate Auto by Aegys
TechGate Auto is an advanced warning system for controlling access to the MRI room
New Product Spotlight Sponsored and Hyperfine partner to expedite stroke diagnostics, reduce wait times
Combining AI and portable MR to increase clinician access to imaging
New approach reveals brain bleed duration, may ensure better stroke outcomes
Indicates how much time to respond, may help minimize tissue damage
AI-enabled ECG detects risk of stroke and cognitive decline
One-third of ischemic strokes are linked to atrial fibrillation
Portable MR almost on par with stationary systems for stroke detection
Distinguished different types of stroke in 90% of patients
Remote stroke treatment possible with new telerobotic system
Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology develop joystick-operated robot
BU researchers develop novel helmet that boosts quality of MR images
Colorful dome-shaped device is made of magnetic metamaterial resonators
MR-equipped ambulance improves stroke care
Helps determine if patient needs tPA or thrombectomy more quickly
Common imaging technique potential lifeline for large subset of stroke victims: study
CT angiography may indicate endovascular thrombectomy benefits after 24 hours
Using AI to monitor brain activity at the point-of-care
Q&A with Dr. Diku Mandavia, an emergency room physician and chief medical officer for Ceribell
Mobile stroke units offer better outcomes for stroke patients: study
Death rates were 9% for MSU patients, 12% for EMS patients
Portable MR may play a lifesaving role in stroke treatment
Neuroradiologists were able to identify 80% of intracerebral hemorrhages
New AI model identifies 'likely abnormal' findings on brain MR scans
Can help radiologists to triage cases and speed up care for those most in need
Lack of reimbursement limits availability of mobile stroke units
Government and private insurers lack means to reimburse services of mobile stroke units
Mobile stroke units improve survival rate for German hospital
The vehicles reduced chances of death and long-term disability